Full-Circle Collaboration

Mar 29, 2021 | Collaboration

Collaboration tools have exploded in popularity. Because of this, there are now even more updates and features for you to wade through as you try to keep your meetings on task and your events on schedule.

According to an article by FinancesOnline, the leading attributes of great workplaces include “promotes team building and collaboration” and “provides the latest technology.” And the leading collaboration and communication market growth segments can be found in teamwork apps and communications platform-as-a-service arenas.

With all this growth and change, how can your business stay on top of these trends while also navigating competitive industries during a global pandemic?

That’s why partnering with Meet Me In The Cloud is more important than ever. MMITC has deep expertise, proven methodology, and proven results in a variety of services, including training and technology adoption, event assist services, and much more.

Here are some of the services we offer that can help you address full circle collaboration needs, all with white-glove support from MMITC.

Collaboration Services

Meet Me In The Cloud is a Customer Experienced Lifecycle Advisor, which means we have been working in the collaboration tool industry for many years. We have created a 6-step proven methodology that drives adoption with measurable results. Here are some of the full circle collaboration services we offer:

  • Workplace Productivity Solutions – Cloud-based shared workplace solutions take everyone in your organization to the next level with greater integration of web and video conferencing, telephony, instant messaging, and email. MMITC can help choose the best tools and platforms for your business, ensure your tools are cyber secure, and help increase productivity within your teams and your workplace.
  • Adoption Acceleration Services – Our collaboration tool expertise and proven methodology can bring your entire team up to speed quickly, build customer loyalty, and realize a faster ROI in your technology investment. We can help your organization achieve full adoption in 60 days.
  • Project Management – Utilize our team’s deep expertise to help you achieve the business goals of your collaboration technology projects.
  • Change Management – Right now, collaboration tools are changing at an unprecedented rate. MMITC can focus efforts to prepare, equip, and support your team members to adopt these changes.

Managed & Event Assist Services

It is becoming more and more difficult to decipher which collaboration tool on the market is the best for your business’s events and operations. And as more events are held virtually, having good tools, training, and expertise are tantamount to your business success. Meet Me In The Cloud has a range of great managed services to fulfill your needs:

  • Customer Success Services – Efficiently onboard your customers with MMITC’s comprehensive plan, clear technical requirements, product training, and ongoing customer interaction.
  • Event Assist Services – From industry conferences to executive and team meetings, MMITC’s team of professional Producers are skilled in the production of flawless online events and will ensure your next highly visible virtual event meets your business objectives.

 Meet Me In The Cloud also offers consulting services, to help drive faster adoption of your collaboration investment, and cybersecurity services, to protect all of your online and cloud-based data, email, and users safe across multiple networks, devices, and apps.

Training & Education

A tool is only as good as its user. And every business has employees who are more comfortable learning about and using online tools, and those who may require more or different training to reach full adoption. That’s why Meet Me In The Cloud offers varied and tailored solutions for your training and education needs: 

  • E-Learning Offerings – Online learning is a safe and effective way to train employees – if you know how to do it. MMITC’s e-learning courses help accelerate the adoption process of your collaboration platform by offering an interactive learning approach.
  • Live Learning Services – MMITC offers online, real-time training services.
  • Onsite Training Services – we can also come to you! Our onsite training services provide in-depth education in a familiar environment for your employees.
  • Microlearning Library – This is perfect if you have a new hire or a small number of employees who need to go over certain aspects of a collaboration tool, but who don’t need full training.
  • Train-the-Trainer Programs – We can help you prepare team members who are or will be in charge of training others.

Many of our courses are self-paced and easy to tailor to a specific employee’s skill level and background of experience. 

Achieve Your Desired Business Outcomes

Meet Me In The Cloud is now a Certified Cisco Collaboration Reseller, which means we can now offer full circle collaboration, from purchase to adoption. To set up your Collaboration Discovery Call, please reach out to Charles Plaza at charles@meetmeinthecloud.com.

Have more questions about any of the services we talked about above? Meet Me In The Cloud wants to hear from you. Feel free to check out any of the links to our services, or contact us today to schedule a consultation!

Frustrated with your cloud collaboration tools?

Meet Me in the Cloud can turn your digital collaboration tools into productivity engines. At any point in your collaboration journey, we partner with you to fully adopt your preferred technology tools. We also offer customized training as well as virtual event assistance. We know more than just technology. It’s important to us that people fully leverage technology to empower themselves. To get started, contact our experts today.

Do you need help with your digital collaboration tools to maximize productivity? Meet Me in the Cloud helps your business properly use collaboration tools, like Zoom, Webex, and Teams, and empowers your employees to embrace cloud-based technology.

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