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Collaboration Tools in 2021

Collaboration Tools in 2021

Collaboration tools have changed a lot in the last year. COVID-19 may have accelerated this change, but these big moves were coming either way. It’s hard to even remember what the world looked like a year ago.   Here is a look at collaboration tools in 2021 – from new...

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3 Virtual Event Planning To-Don’ts

3 Virtual Event Planning To-Don’ts

In previous blog posts, we’ve talked about how to build connections in meetings and virtual events and tips for fostering inclusion and collaboration in virtual meetings. These are all the “Dos” when it comes to virtual meetings, but what about the Don’ts? Here are...

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COVID-19 Showed Us Technology Adoption Is Essential

COVID-19 Showed Us Technology Adoption Is Essential

Technology adoption is hard to see if you aren’t monitoring your employee’s progress in new tech implementation. But this year, when new tech solutions were being added rapid-fire, we saw firsthand how easy it is to implement a tool without fostering adoption. The...

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