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Collaboration and E-Learning

Collaboration and E-Learning

Collaboration software makes tackling collective projects much more efficient, but it doesn’t work unless your employees know how to use it. That’s where e-learning comes in. Making the Decision to Migrate  Have you already implemented a collaboration software but you...

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E-Learning and the Future of Work

E-Learning and the Future of Work

52% of HR professionals say there is a skills shortage in the workplace, and it’s getting worse. More than 94% of employees are more willing to stay with a company invested in helping them access learning tools to gain needed skills. E-learning is integral to the...

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3 Roadblocks to the Future of Work

3 Roadblocks to the Future of Work

Most business leaders are preparing for the Future of Work now, but some are coming against roadblocks, which is halting business progress. To prepare for these potential roadblocks in your workplace, you first need to know where they come from. Traditional Thinking...

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“In just four weeks, usage has gone up on my customer’s WebEx site by more than 50%, thanks to Susan and her team.”

Steven Smith

Collaboration Specialist, Cisco

“MMITC’s efforts and attention to detail [have] made our customer’s project a success!”

Cindy Cerminato

Commercial Account Manager, UDT Online

“Meet Me In The Cloud was always completely dependable and professional. I am always impressed with their ability to provide strategic guidance while managing execution.”

Jewell Tonkel

Sales Training Manager, Cisco

“Meet Me In The Cloud exceeded our expectations. They helped us onboard 100 new Hosts in 4 countries and 3 languages within budget and on time. They was great to work with and went above and beyond our expectations.”

Pablo Rodriguez

ITC Argentina


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