Microsoft Teams 101 – Getting Started


This class is designed to get you started using the Microsoft Teams application quickly. In this interactive class, you will learn the Microsoft Teams basic functionality of Chat, Team Channels, Notifications, File locations, and Meetings.


Master the basics of Microsoft Teams. In this one-hour Interactive course, you’ll learn the primary components of collaborating in the cloud: Chat, Teams and Channels, and Scheduling, Joining, and Hosting Meetings. You’ll also learn how to effectively manage your workday using Microsoft Teams using Notifications and Files. In addition to videos, this course provides Interactive hands-on walk-through exercises to reinforces what you have learned, as well as information on additional resources and knowledge checks. At the end of this course, a certificate of completion is issues to show your accomplishment.

13 Steps / Takes about an hour
Learners complete program content in order

Access for 12 months