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As a certified Customer Experience Specialized partner, Meet Me In The Cloud brings deep expertise in collaboration services to your sales and technical teams.

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Adoption Services

Adoption Acceleration Services

Meet Me In The Cloud’s proprietary and proven 6-Step Adoption Acceleration Methodology demonstrates our thorough understanding of what it takes for services to be fully and correctly adopted or migrated within an organization, regardless of company size or industry.

Migration Services

Whether you’re moving from a competing technology platform or upgrading your existing collaboration services, you’re in good hands with Meet Me In The Cloud. Our detailed planning and white glove support ensures an effortless transition while maintaining business continuity with minimal downtime or disruption.

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Managed Services

Managed Services

Meet Me In The Cloud’s Managed Services offerings help you overcome the challenges associated with people, processes and technology. We can help you fully optimize and manage your technology environment with innovative approaches that accelerate transformation, enable faster and more successful integration, and minimize cost and risk to your organization.



Meet Me In The Cloud’s Live Learning offerings are delivered live via Webex, Zoom or Microsoft Teams by one of our certified instructors.


Leverage Meet Me In The Cloud’s subscription-based Microlearning Library to amplify your team’s training and make it accessible to everyone in your organization, anytime and from anyplace.


Our certified instructors are available to travel to your location and deliver training live and in person to your employees.

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Case Study: Mastering the Art of Adoption

A Meet Me In The Cloud Success Story

Mastering the Art of Adoption

When it came to using collaboration tools, one of MMITC’s global pharmaceutical customers had already tried moving from on-prem to the cloud three times—without success. By now, jobs and money were on the line. The organization had to embrace Cisco’s collaboration suite and bridge web conferencing with their existing video infrastructure.

Download and read the case study to learn how Meet Me In The Cloud helped turn things around within the first 60 days.

“In just four weeks, usage has gone up on my customer’s WebEx site by more than 50%, thanks to Susan and her team.”

Steven Smith

Collaboration Specialist, Cisco

“Clare was the perfect fit for our slow-to-adopt company. She even had the CFO participating! I hope we have the opportunity to use her talent again!”

Wendy Shearer

VP, Marketing & Partner Relations, VSS

“We could not have helped our customer achieve this level of adoption this quickly if we had not engaged Meet Me In The Cloud.”

Corey Kuhnke

Account Executive, Presidio

“MMITC’s efforts and attention to detail [have] made our customer’s project a success!”

Cindy Cerminato

Commercial Account Manager, UDT Online


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