Organizations are under pressure to achieve timely, measurable results by improving communication, decision-making and productivity. It’s important to have knowledgeable guidance through the planning, implementation and adoption process of any technology.


What if there was a partner with a plan, a step-by-step process that could take off the pressure, deliver you measurable results as well as accelerate the implementation and adoption process of Webex?

Sound too good to be true? Not at all!


Adoption Acceleration Services from Meet Me In The Cloud (MMITC) are delivered through a proven methodology that drives adoption with measurable results. Our methodology includes a communications plan to drive awareness and aid change management, multi-modal training aimed to meet the varying ways people learn, as well as white glove service and consultation through the duration of the project. And all of this typically within 60 days.


So, what exactly does this 6-step process entail?


Step 1: Strategy Meeting

Everyone in management understands how important this first step is to the success of any adoption or implementation process. During this “kickoff meeting” we will do several things including a review of the on-boarding timeline, establish a weekly team meeting cadence, review what the project plan is, and determine who will have what roles and responsibilities throughout this process.

As a team, we will create SMART business goals and outcomes desired from your adoption of Webex including the Site Administration/Control Hub configuration and training. As many of you know, SMART goals must have a time frame and it is our goal and desire…our motivation…to get you fully and successfully functional in 60 days.


Step 2: Assessment & Preparation

During this step, we will take the time to double check and audit the Webex Site against our recommended set-up best practices, and suggest any needed changes. This is also the time that we will provide hands-on training to Webex service administrators. We will guide your admins on security, advise on costs & benefits of various configurations, as well as strategies for new user account structure for the best end user experience.


Step 3: Communications Review

At this point, we’ll have provided guidance on the actual communications end users will receive, and we’ll then confirm content and timing. We also help the focus of management and end users through customized training, posters, and materials. It is extremely important for the entire team to be aware and excited.


Step 4: End User Training

Just as the beginning is critical to the success of this implementation, so is this step. Your user groups need to know what they are doing prior to getting their hands on their new software. For this, we provide training in multiple formats to ensure we are learner-centric from on-demand video training, to virtual live training, and even on-site workshops!


Step 5: Metrics & Reporting

Now it’s time for the best (possibly nerdiest) part…Data Reports! At this point, we compare the SMART goals created in Step 1 to determine if we’ve met those goals or not. Our collaboration experts will review your users’ usage data and provide guidance and feedback on positive trends. If you have not met those goals yet, we will re-evaluate the best methods and strategy to achieve your desired outcomes and help you put that in place.


Step 6: Graduation to Cisco

Congratulations! You Did It! You have implemented, adopted, and are beginning to successfully utilize Webex as your new collaboration platform. It took less than 60 days to get to this point and if you read everything above, that is cause for celebration…that was work that will help you transform your business communications.


Why Meet Me In The Cloud?

We are a Cisco partner, a Cisco Lifecycle Advisor and a Cisco Business Learning Partner. The organization is staffed largely by former Cisco & channel partner employees with years of experience helping companies apply Webex capabilities to business & collaboration objectives. We have the knowledge, experience, and motivation to help you succeed and start attaining your own business’ goals with all that the Webex platform has to offer. We are here to help you increase your knowledge and utilize Webex to its fullest potential. Let us help get you where you want to be…together!


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