Expert services for a smoother, faster optimization journey.

Just because your organization has a collaboration tool doesn’t mean that everyone knows how to use it to the highest level. Mere utilization of new technology isn’t the same as optimization. That’s where we come in.

We teach users to love your technology.

We’ve all seen it: either your internal team or customers use a solution, but they barely scratch the surface of what the technology can do and may revert to familiar and less efficient methods, like email. The right introduction and ongoing training address the full scope of any solution, make users understand and embrace what you paid for, and yield the positive returns you need from your money and time investment.

Training services to suit every learning style.

People learn best through various approaches, depending on how individuals access new information. That’s what we provide: Interactive eLearning and self-paced courses, Live Learning services on your collaboration platform to reinforce its practical value, Onsite Learning, and Train the Trainer.

migration services
migration services

Event Assist Services to host online meetings with expert support.

Every online event is different. Meet Me In The Cloud’s expertise can help your organization deliver technically flawless online events. Why risk disappointment when it comes to your next event? Our teams’ extensive experience ranges from virtual state and local government committee meetings, court hearings, career fairs, earning calls, etc. Our support ranges from IT Integrated Turnkey Support, to completely Outsourced Support or if you just want to ensure your event goes smoothly we can provide live Technical Support.

Technology adoption that boosts ROI.

Make any solution work for you with an ally who can execute a tailored-to-fit plan. Solutions Architecture-as-a-Service unlocks effectiveness and expansion, with additional services like project management and implementation services to ensure that your team uses workplace tools correctly and efficiently.


Managed services that move your team forward.

Successful customer onboarding can occasionally be a one-and-done event, but more often, adoption depends on reinforcement to keep end-users energized. Meet Me In The Cloud’s methodology combines our technical expertise with the power of engagement to build value at every point of the client lifecycle with our Customer Success Managed Services. Our support also includes Consulting Services, Technology Assessments to manage ongoing challenges, and Collaboration Tech Support to boost your team’s productivity.

Learn about our wide range of services to mix, match, or custom design.