The Meet Me In The Cloud Story

The adoption of collaboration technology tools has been at the heart of what we do since 2011. Working hand-in-hand with thousands of organizations worldwide, we’ve activated the use of workplace technology tools so businesses and their people reap the most from their investment.

We get your technology used.

We’ve proven that it’s possible to close the gap between low adoption of workplace tools and high usage levels with minimal disruption and enjoyment along the way. How do we do it? We go deep into the business culture. We then apply those insights to overcome resistance based on our understanding of how people learn, a thoroughly collaborative practice, and technical expertise that achieves full adoption in just 60 days.

While our core focus remains on technology adoption, our overall goal is to inspire users to embrace the power of collaboration tools.

Meet our team

We’re passionate, curious, and dynamic collaborators who ensure everything goes as planned, no matter your collaboration technology project’s size or scope. We’ll get you from where you are to where you want to be, with people fully embracing workplace technology tools with minimal downtime or disruption.


Felix Odigie


An accomplished business and operations strategist, Felix embraces change and views business through an entrepreneurial lens. Based on his years as CEO and founder of several investment firms, Felix is always on the lookout for ways to create the greatest return on investment. His unique perspective informs his ability to conceptualize, execute, and implement new visions and strategic directions for Meet Me In The Cloud and our customers.


Melessa Carlson

Senior Event Producer

For more than a decade, Melessa has created compelling virtual meetings while delivering customer service whose hallmarks are attention to detail, active listening, conflict resolution, and vision. She produces engaging online events, and post-event follow up for enduring success.


Jerry Chiea

Lead Trainer

Jerry derives satisfaction from helping others overcome obstacles and learn the skills they need to succeed in their work through training and webinar production support. He has years of experience tailoring business technology training to meet the learner where they are and lead users to mastery.


Jennifer Keen

Event Producer


Barbara Potter

Event Producer


Rikki Speck

Event Producer


Suzanne Wheatley

Event Producer


Janina Hill

General Manager

Janina uses her extensive management expertise and outstanding communication skills to cultivate strategic relationships with global, cross-functional internal, and external clients. Her entrepreneurial vision assists Meet Me In The Cloud in generating new business, increasing staff productivity, improving service, and meeting business objectives.


Alex Kattar


A virtual classroom expert, content designer and developer, trainer, presenter, producer, motivational speaker, and life-long learner, Alex thrives on helping organizations and their stakeholders align strategies with business goals. Alex has dedicated his career to learning methodologies, principles, and how to apply them for the most significant reach and impact in the shortest amount of time.

Sabina Love


With expertise in managing the installations of complex information systems and administering learning management systems, Sabina leverages a solid foundation to design, develop, and deliver successful online training programs. Her strengths are content design, development, implementation, and evaluation of classroom-based, synchronous, and asynchronous online training programs.


Donna Wyvill

Training and Content Development Manager

Donna’s deep expertise in web collaboration, virtual training, and online training certifications informs her delivery of complex training that meets the highest standards. She is adept at virtual content design and has mastered best practices in the virtual environment. Donna’s motivation is to help people grasp and utilize knowledge to accomplish their goals.


John Sayer

Collaboration Lead

A strong background in customer success and business development drives John’s passion for helping customers leverage the value of team collaboration and the power of digital transformation. He partners closely with Adoption Acceleration teams to move fast and innovate our customers’ delivery of collaboration technologies.


Danny Servantez, Jr.

Adoption Acceleration Lead

Ten years of project management and operations experience, plus a strong technical understanding and astute problem-solving skills, power Danny’s customer engagements and ensures their success.

Meet Our Advisory Board

Edward Beals

Advisory Board Member Partner, Sia Partners

Andy Dignans

Advisory Board Member Senior Vice President, Global Partner, Services, & International Sales, Five9

Brian Kinahan

CEO Coach, Trainer, and Peer Group Leader

Kimberly Idoko

Advisory Board Member

Collaboration tools only have value if everyone on your team uses them. Let’s make the most of your technology and optimize your investment.

A proven adoption methodology.