Promoting User Adoption of New Technology

Taking the plunge with new technology platforms is crucial to keeping your business more productive and effective. As part of your technology journey, it’s essential to encourage user adoption of the new technology. 

If your team is not using or maximizing the tools made available to them, you lose opportunities, time, and money all at once. We’ll discuss the challenges of user adoption of new technology while outlining steps we can take to mitigate those roadblocks.

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User Adoption of New Technology: Challenges

With change comes challenges. You need to clearly understand why you’re implementing the new technology so you can figure out how it will affect your users.

The good news is that early adopters embrace new technology quickly and can’t wait to use it. But others don’t want to change and prefer the familiar. In your staff, you’ll always have those two groups of people. 

The former group doesn’t need convincing, but the latter does. Make sure the latter are involved in the selection and planning process and show them how the new technology will benefit them. Talk to them about their concerns, and figure out how to address them. Ensure everyone who needs to use the new technology knows what to expect.

User-Friendly Technology Still Requires Training

New technology may be marketed as user-friendly, but employees still need training. Not everyone takes to new technology right away, so help is needed. In addition, training helps prevent mistakes often made by first-time users.

When budgeting for new technology, you should take training costs into account. While it may seem costly upfront—especially after spending so much on the new technology—training is a worthwhile investment to ensure you’re getting the most out of the technology you’ve deployed. Forgoing training or choosing  inadequate training can lead to costly mistakes in the future.

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Meet Me In The Cloud Has the Skills to Help

New technology adoption is all about user experience and end-user adoption. User resistance may delay using new technology for months, even after selecting, planning, and integrating the platform.

Technology Adoption Services from Meet Me In The Cloud can help. Our team enables you to streamline the adoption process, so leaders and employees can get on board. We help you build customer loyalty, increase productivity, and get a faster return on investment.

Our proven methodology enables your technology of choice to be deployed and your employees to be trained successfully. Expert consultation, provisioning, training, change management, and internal communication are part of our approach.


6 Steps to User Adoption of Technology

We help you overcome technology adoption challenges by mapping technology features to business outcomes, training end users, and analyzing results using the following six steps:

1) Strategy Review

As the first step, we discuss your goals for the technology, review the project plan and timeline, and prepare for site administration and training sessions. We confirm who will have what roles and responsibilities during the adoption process.

2) Assessment and Preparation

You’ll get a technology assessment to ensure it’s set up correctly. In addition, we train your leadership team or other administrators on how to use the technology. We assist your administrators in configuring and using their administrative accounts with training and guidance. This step prepares your administrators and the technology so everyone can use it.

3) Communication Review

Our team finalizes all internal communications before sharing the new technology with the rest of your organization, including posters, other materials, and custom training. Additionally, we confirm the date and time of the announcement. At this point, administrators should be on board with the new technology and ready to share it with the rest of the organization.

4) End-User Training

During this step, your organization learns about the new technology and begins training your employees. The administrators configure end-user accounts, share all internal communications with end-users who receive their new accounts and start their self-paced training modules. End-users are trained with customized classes based on your company’s use case scenarios and technical variables.

5) Metrics and Reporting

Once training has begun, our team assists administrators in pulling usage reports and evaluating data to compare actual usage to adoption goals. This step is critical to accelerating your adoption process. Your leadership team cannot assess the adoption’s progress without reviewing metrics. Based on the metrics, we modify the plan so you can achieve your goals and then help you implement that plan.

6) Completion

With the help of Meet Me In The Cloud, your company will successfully adopt the technology of your choice in 60 days or fewer. While you might want to celebrate, remember that the technology adoption process is not entirely over.

Like your company, technology is constantly evolving. As a result, adoption is continuous and never-ending.

Customer Success Managed Services

But don’t worry. Our Customer Success Managed Services can help you drive continuing end-user adoption for your employees or customers, focusing on effective onboarding. As part of our service, we address the ongoing gaps in any organization’s adoption framework.

Meet Me In The Cloud has a long record of helping small and large businesses, state and local governments, primary and secondary educational institutions, and non-profit organizations adopt various technologies. Our experts are well-versed in the best practices of multiple tools and platforms, with over 75 years of combined experience.

We have the knowledge, experience, and motivation to help you succeed and start attaining your business goals using your chosen technology. We are here to help you utilize your technology to its fullest potential.

Meet Me In The Cloud can turn your digital collaboration tools into productivity engines. At any point in your collaboration journey, we partner with you to help with user adoption of technology using your preferred technology platform. To get started, contact our experts or call 1-866-221-3221 today.