Meet Me In The Cloud’s Customer Success Model helps you efficiently onboard your customers with a comprehensive plan, clear technical requirements, product training, and ongoing customer interaction.

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We understand that achieving customer onboarding success is all about engagement. Meet Me In The Cloud’s methodology combines our technology expertise with the power of engagement to build value at every point throughout the customer lifecycle.

Customer Success Managed Services (CSMS)

For some organizations, the customer onboarding process is as simple as clicking a button to activate a new account. In this scenario, the customer will most likely attempt to use your product or service with little to no guidance or training. But what happens when they get stuck? Chances are they won’t be successful and they’ll get frustrated, and that could reflect negatively on your company.


Manage Your Entire Customer Lifecycle

Whether you are a VAR partner or End-Customer, today’s digital economy demands superior customer experience. When you deliver a great experience, that becomes a strategic differentiator for your organization and translates into long-term revenue growth, customer loyalty and even ROI. However, most technology vendors and their VAR/SI partners are in the very early stages of their customer experience (CX) evolution.

It’s widely understood that good onboarding is critical to ongoing customer happiness. But it’s tricky and easy to miss the mark because onboarding a new customer is hard to do, and it’s too easy to focus on the wrong things. Customer Success Managed Services (CSMS) helps you efficiently onboard your customers with a comprehensive plan, clear technical requirements, training, and ongoing customer interaction. The end result: Customer Retention.

The sample CSMS plan on the right gives you an idea of our approach to a Webex adoption. When we embark on a project engagement with you, we remain engaged through everything you are delivering to your end user client. Review the next section for a sample of Meet Me In The Cloud’s Lifecycle Check-In Plan—you’ll see how well you are taken care of during our project engagements.

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Service Offerings

Virtual pre-sales engagement
Business requirements identification and documentation
Business requirements validation
Business outcomes/process test plan development
Project Identification, Definition and Scoping (e.g. Adoption, Migration, etc.)
Current state performance baseline/KPI quantification
Operational readiness baseline
Site audit to confirm readiness for additional enhancements/capabilities
Customer success kickoff meeting
Identify all incremental use cases and user personas
Business process directory
Business process improvement and training recommendations
Training Recommendations
Business process improvement execution consulting
Weekly project communications and status calls
Virtual Training Execution – Webex Meetings & Teams
Onsite Training Execution – Webex Boards (Travel costs additional)
Expert “Drop-In” Sessions customized to support Customer
Microlearning Library (MLL) Access – Webex Meetings & Teams
Business Outcomes Validation
Quarterly Business Reviews
Incremental user persona/use case focus per quarters
Customer Success Dashboard

Sample Two-Year Roadmap with Lifecycle Checks

Month 1: Lifecycle Check-In 1
  • Review of Usage – New Baseline
  • Review/Discuss any Change Management Needs (e.g. Teams)
  • Prepare MMITC Case Study
Month 3: Lifecycle Check-In 2
  • Identify Customer Sponsor Team for CSaaS (IT, Operations etc.)
  • Agree upon ongoing Goals and Targets for CSaaS
  • Review Usage Baseline; Promote Gains, Address Declines
  • Review Admin Portal – Implement Appropriate Technical Tweaks
  • Create Teams Space or email alias for Ongoing Support
  • Training Update for Internal Helpdesk
Month 6: Lifecycle Check-In 3
  • Review Usage & Address any decline. Promote increases & report
  • Prepare Internal Case Study – Distribute and Share
  • Training Update on Core Products – Genius Bars and Q&A Sessions
  • Set up Internal Webex Newsletter
  • Identify Evangelists (internal)
Month 9: Lifecycle Check-In 4
  • Review Usage & Address any Decline. Promote increases & report.
  • Prepare Additional (internal) Case Studies & Share
  • Deliver Training Updates on Core Products
  • Schedule regular evangelist touchpoints
  • Deploy Change Management Communications
  • Identify Additional Webex Services, Video Endpoints and Audio to expand footprint
  • Review/Create/Plan any Needed Documentation
Year 1: Lifecycle Check-In 5
  • Review Usage & Address any decline. Promote increases & report
  • Create Ongoing training plan for non-core services: EC/TC/SC/Video
  • Identify opportunities for increased Webex audio usage (cost savings)
  • Identify any competing solutions in house (future plan to consolidate)
  • Communicate to users – ongoing change management
  • Gather evangelist feedback – create internal case studies – promote
Month 18: Lifecycle Check-In 6
  • Onsite Year Two Kick – Off with Evangelists & Executive Sponsor
  • Review Usage & Address any decline. Promote increases & report
  • Incremental user persona/use case focus per quarters
  • Deliver Training Updates on Core Products
Year 2 and Beyond: Lifecycle Check-In 7
  • Review Years 1 and 2 Impact and Assess Customer Satisfaction so far
  • Develop “LifeCycle Checkin” Plans and Cadence (with Customer) for Years 3 and Beyond
  • Execute

End Customers

Via CSMS, customers are able to obtain the maximum ROI from their technology investment without frontloading the service cost required to support them throughout the lifecycle of their license terms. This is the ultimate partnership between consumers and their service providers and ensures continued customer satisfaction as any evolution in consumption patterns are effectively addressed in real time.

IT Vendors & Partners

CSMS provides IT vendors and their VAR/SI business partners the ability to extend their customer lifecycle management capabilities from day one and evolve their capabilities over time. This allows you to extend your services and lock out the competition—all for a predictable, fixed-fee service with defined deliverables that allow you to pay as you grow.



“Meet Me In The Cloud was always completely dependable and professional. I am always impressed with their ability to provide strategic guidance while managing execution.”

Jewell Tonkel

Sales Training Manager, Cisco

“MMITC is extremely knowledgeable helping companies adopt Webex solutions…They have that combination of sales, operations, customer service and technical skills that makes customers love working with them.”

Greg Wright

Bus Dev Manager / Technical Product Specialist, Cisco Systems

“We have been extremely impressed. This was a great experience not only for me, but also for my customer.”

Brian Gilman

Account Manager, Mountain States Networking

“MMITC has a keen eye for detail and excellent understanding of business needs.”

Darwin Jones

Supplier Relationships, Apple Computer


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