Training and education begin — and end
— with engagement.

You know buying tools isn’t enough — or you wouldn’t be here. Getting people to adopt technology means they have to embrace the technology, and your organization has to stick with it over time.

We meet you where you are. Wherever you are.

Our certified instructors have delivered more than a quarter-million classes to people worldwide since 2012. We’re passionate about understanding how to reach and teach people in ways that ensure that every individual—regardless of experience level or technical ability—is comfortable and enthusiastic using your new collaboration suite. When everyone is on the same page and engaged, your organization achieves its ROI sooner.

eLearning Courses - Training Services

eLearning to suit every team member.
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Adopting your new collaboration platform has never been easier. Utilizing our eLearning courses will streamline the learning process for you and your entire organization. Each eLearning course includes videos, interactive activities, and quizzes, so all employees can learn, no matter what type of learning style they prefer. We offer an extensive menu of eLearning courses for Webex®, Zoom, Microsoft Teams®, and more.

Live Learning virtual or onsite in the office, on the go, or at home.

Meet Me In The Cloud’s Live Learning simplifies the delivery of highly productive online learning anytime, anywhere, without sacrificing value. These classes are delivered live via your desired platform by one of our certified instructors and provide an interactive, dynamic learning environment.

Live Learning - Training Services
Onsite Training

Onsite Training delivers high-touch instruction with a difference.

Our certified instructors are available to travel to your location and deliver Onsite Training live and in-person to your employees. With in-person training, individuals tend to be more engaged and focused, leading to better knowledge retention and results. Since every learner is different, Onsite Training gives the instructors and students the ability to have one-on-one conversations if more explanation is needed.

Train-the-Trainer Programs for pros. And novices who want to be pros.

Meet Me In The Cloud is committed to providing professional training to our customers. We design Train-the-Trainer programs to prepare professional trainers and employees assigned to “training” projects but whose title and day-to-day responsibilities may be outside the traditional training realm.

Train the Trainer Programs

Meet Me In The Cloud has delivered 300,000+ classes, 10,000,000+ minutes of training, and taught almost half a million end users.

We’ve learned a lot along the way, too. Whatever your adoption instruction needs may be, we can help you determine them and teach your team to love your collaboration platform.

Meet Me In The Cloud training is in a
class of its own.

We know how to “meet people where they are” and teach in ways that ensure everyone—regardless of experience level or technical ability—is comfortable using your new collaboration suite. The result? Your organization achieves its ROI sooner.