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Prepare team members who are in charge of training others with Meet Me In The Cloud’s product-specific Train-the-Trainer Programs.

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Meet Me In The Cloud’s Train-the-Trainer Programs provide customized support for the trainers at your organization, including professional trainers and those who are leading a training project or program in addition to their typical duties. Our collaboration experts work with your on-staff collaboration expert – who is likely part of your IT department – to develop a personalized program for your trainers.

Choose Your Product

Meet Me In The Cloud’s collaboration experts can develop a program for any collaboration tool you use, including:

  • Cisco Webex Meetings
  • Cisco Webex Teams
  • Cisco Webex Events
  • Microsoft Teams
  • Skype for Business
  • SharePoint
  • Yammer
  • Zoom Meetings

What Trainers Can Expect

Our Train-the-Trainer Programs include all of the necessary information, guidance, and practical applications your trainer will need to lead training sessions at your organization. Trainers can expect the following during these programs:

  • Product-Specific Training Session: We develop a training session to cover the product(s) your trainer will be teaching. This session will go into detail about how to use the product, answers to common questions, and more.
  • Presentation Development: We develop a PowerPoint or similar presentation for your trainer to use during the sessions they will lead.
  • Guide and Script: We create a guide and script for the trainer to help them practice for their sessions and to use during the sessions.
  • Practice Sessions: After the trainer has gone through their training session, we provide them with an opportunity to practice the session they will lead with our instructor. The trainer can use the presentation and script during the practice session and will receive constructive feedback from our instructor.

Benefits of Train-the-Trainer Programs

Expand Skillset

Teaching employees training skills not only expands their skillset but, in turn, helps increase the skillset of other employees who participate in their sessions.

Instill Confidence

Providing training for those who are or want to lead training sessions within your organization instills confidence in each trainer, improving their productivity at work.

Support Trainers

Even professional trainers need professional development and organizational support to increase their knowledge and expand their skillset.

Long-Term ROI

Trainers can teach other employees how to use a specific product in perpetuity.

“…Jerry was very knowledgeable and patient [with my customer]. The MMITC staff gets and “A” for competence and responsiveness.”

Michael Decker

Business Development Manager, Katalyst

“Meet Me In The Cloud encouraged us to connect our Development Board to Webex Training HOL to ensure the system was fully working for us. They really cared that we received what we needed.”

Kathy Navone

Senior Training Manager, Altera Corp

“MMITC tailored the training to how we wanted to use Webex Training. It was extremely effective.”

Marlon Price

Applications Engineer, Altera Corp

“Customers love MMITC, and how their passion for helping them use and adopt Webex Training drives their business.”

Sanjay Dalal

Director of Product Management, Cisco

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