Digital collaboration is a hallmark of the future of work. There are many different types of collaboration tools and cloud-based software that can increase and enhance digital collaboration in your business.

With the rapid digital transformations we’ve seen in the last year, it’s important these new tools and technologies don’t create a silo-ing effect on your company’s departments. Silo-ing happens when each department checks their own digital solutions and workflow and, rather than opening a dialogue for collaboration, employees say something like “Everything looks fine on my end.”

Luckily, there are many benefits to digital collaboration that can open lines of communication and foster teamwork so your business isn’t handicapped by its new tech.

Knowledge Management

Knowledge management is the digital collaboration benefit that most closely prevents the information from being siloed, or not effectively communicated to teams outside the one where the knowledge is being created and, hopefully, shared.

Knowledge sharing is easily facilitated using digital collaboration tools, whether it’s through file sharing, discussion, regular updates in project threads, or video conferencing.

To ensure knowledge management is being handled properly, check to see how and where the knowledge is being archived. An indicator of good knowledge management is the ability to find information that has previously been discussed and compiled in an easy and straightforward manner. Using digital collaboration tools ensures that your team will have access to any and all information within your platform, whether they are in-house, remote, or freelance workers.

Employee Engagement

The customizability and flexibility that digital collaboration provides can also increase employee engagement.

When employees are trained and equipped with multiple ways to share and access information, it increases the likelihood that your team members will tailor their collaboration platform experience to keep themselves up-to-date on company news, projects, and changes.

“Features such as personalized dashboard, news feed, content sharing attributes, instant messages facilities, and recent updates help keep employees engaged and up-to-date,” according to Saketa.

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Cloud-based data is the easiest way businesses have found to navigate the remote work and COVID-distanced world. And digital collaboration allows for many different forms of communication, which can be tailored to meet the needs of each employee and their unique work environment.

Flexibility is going to be a main component of successful workplaces because employees in all industries have been shown in the last year that it is possible to create and sustain a hybrid workplace model in almost any industry.

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