What Video Meetings Will Look Like Post-Pandemic

May 21, 2021 | The Future of Work

Hybrid spaces are going to be a big talking point for the foreseeable future. So let’s take a look at how video meetings are going to look post-pandemic, and how they are going to shape the hybrid work experience.

Hybrid Technology

This Zoom ad gives us an interesting glimpse into what the future of collaboration could look like.

Technology is going to be the foundation of the hybrid workplace, in a much different way than it previously has been used to facilitate business. The technology is going to expand to show remote workers what’s happening in the office – through file sharing, chatrooms, video conferencing, and more – as well as keeping in-house workers connected to all members of their team, regardless of location.

The New Conference Room

Prior to 2020, about “2% of 27 million huddle rooms worldwide were outfitted to support video conferencing.”

This means you’ll have new challenges to solve as team leaders, managers, and corporate executives. The first one is: “Are there any changes we need to make to our current meeting policies and the way we schedule them?”

There are also many health and proximity concerns in terms of making sure your conference room can incorporate good visual and audio of those within the room to those logging on remotely, as well as good visual and audio setups for everyone in the room to hear their remote team members clearly as well. The setup and function of conference rooms should be discussed and reconfigured to facilitate the most successful video conferencing parameters.

Video Conferencing

Video conferencing has been a great way to bolster more meaningful connections in virtual meetings, but how will that work in the hybrid workplace?

Remote and in-house connectivity may be part of the future plan – you will need to supply your team members with quality video equipment and technology (like Zoom, Webex, Microsoft Teams and others) to ensure everyone can take their meetings wherever it suits them best.

Here are some best practices when conducting a video meeting:

  •  Make sure everyone present is clearly visible (some technology providers even have software now that can virtually “seat” everyone at the same “table”)
  • Provide and/or check for high-quality audio connections
  • Implement intuitive room controls for both scheduling and facilitation
  • Provide avenues for real-time sharing and collaboration on work material

Hybrid and Collaboration Technology Training

With this jump to a hybrid model, your teams will need training for a few reasons.

First, the hybrid workflow is going to be markedly different from past efforts. It will take some adjustment from everyone before things start running smoothly.

And second, collaboration tools are also changing rapidly, to ensure they can meet all your hybrid workplace needs. And that means your staff will likely need more, or even comprehensive, training on the ins and outs of these rapidly evolving technologies.

Your fully remote workers will also need to be a part of this training and consideration. Remember that their home (or wherever they choose to work from) will present its own unique challenges when it comes to video conferencing, from audio to visual to even basic things like a strong enough internet connection to support video conferencing capabilities.

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