Whether you are hosting a quarterly meeting, a presentation from a local historian, parent-teacher conferences, or a professional conference with 5,000 attendees – it’s been a year of big changes and pivots to online solutions. Event assist services could help take the stress out of your next online event.

If you are struggling to plan your online event, or would just like some help on the day of – Meet Me In The Cloud is at your service.

Why Hire Event Assist Services

Odds are, you’ve been a part of some kind of event whether it was for work, school, or leisure. And sometimes, those events go off without a hitch. But the reality is: no matter how much planning and double-checking you do, unexpected things still happen. Issues have a way of cropping up at the worst possible moment, and you need only spend a few minutes on YouTube searching “virtual meeting fails” or “online class gone wrong” to see hundreds of less-than-ideal moments unfolding for all to see during these online events.  

Whether it’s a company meeting, quarterly wrap-up, online seminar, or town hall meeting, your event is important and highly visible. And with the dozens of hosting platforms and new technologies out there, it’s impossible to know what’s best.

Having an event assist service available to troubleshoot technical difficulties, facilitate planning, or edit your final presentation for archiving means your events are always polished and professional. Meet Me In the Cloud offers Pre-Session Planning, In-Session Support, and Post-Session Wrap-Up and Support.

Pre-Session Planning

Every event is built around a desired business outcome. What’s yours? We can help you plan and build your event to meet your goals and even review event content to make sure your materials are in line with those goals.

Most importantly, MMITC offers a Tech Check – we check all connections and technology to ensure no “technical difficulties” arise.

In-Session Support

For in-session support, we assign you a Producer who works with you through all steps of the planning process. Then, on the day of your event, the Producer will join the event 30 minutes prior to your desired start time and stay online and engaged for the duration of your event. If needed, the Producer can and will provide in-session support to attendees and presenters.

Producers can also act as emcee for your session; introducing presenters, moderating chat and Q&A sessions, and even wrapping up the event with a few final comments or a call to action.

Post-Session Wrap-Up & Support

Producers also stay online for 30 minutes after your event has ended to ensure everything is in order for you.

After your event is finished, MMITC can create and edit a video of the event that is then uploaded and available on-demand.

We will also pull reports on attendance and distribute follow-up emails to attendees to gather feedback on your event, so you can look back on these valuable insights and plan an even better event in the future.

Meet Me In The Cloud’s Event Assist Services

For help with any or all of these online event tasks, check out MMITC’s event assist services. Questions? Contact us today.