Pre-Planning: Paving the Way to Tech Adoption

Nov 15, 2021 | Tips

Professional development doesn’t happen overnight, and you shouldn’t expect your staff or employees to be eager to learn new tasks or jump into expanded roles without some forethought. This is where pre-planning can help, in a myriad of ways. Whether you are trying to plan a successful virtual event or orient your team on a learning path that ultimately leads to technology adoption, pre-planning is your friend, and we’re here to share some tips to help you be successful with it.

Pre-planning may seem like an unnecessary step, but you will see a difference in the quality and time it takes to see positive results.

Waste Fewer Resources with Pre-Planning

We live in a world of limited resources – and this has only been exacerbated by supply chain shortages and labor shortages caused by the coronavirus pandemic. When you pre-plan effectively, you can better allocate the resources you need and save the resources you don’t for another endeavor.

Pre-Planning Increases Focus and Reduces Errors

Ore-planning isn’t just a way to use resources more efficiently, it’s also a great exercise in honing your focus. For example, one tip that always gets included in personal budgets is to make a list of the groceries you need before you head to the store. It helps you focus by allowing you to compile a list of all the things you need while allowing you to overcome distractions and impulse purchases when you get to the store.

The same is true with pre-planning professional initiatives. When you take steps to work through how you envision your next tech upgrade or professional development program will work. Increasing the focus in your leadership plans can also help reduce errors. By thinking through the steps and scenarios beforehand, you’ll be less likely to make missteps, because you’ve already worked through the solutions in your pre-planning meetings.

Pre-Planning Encourages Teamwork

Pre-planning is also a great opportunity to increase teamwork and collaboration within your teams and leadership structure. Pulling in more team members earlier in the planning process can also provide you with unique perspectives that could help you prepare more successfully.

And by including more team members early in the decision-making process can bolster trust and openness in future conversations, which leads to even better teamwork as well!

Pre-Planning Can Unlock Some More Creative Solutions

Have you ever been puzzling over something – an event, idea, or task – and as soon as it’s over, you suddenly realize there was an easier or faster way to get what you needed?

Taking more time to focus on pre-planning can often allow you to ease the strain of trying to find the perfect solution quickly and allow you the time to come up with more creative and better-fitting solutions and strategies.

Take Advantage of MMITC’s Proven 6-Step Adoption Methodology

Pre-planning is crucial to your team’s success, whether you are trying to increase technology adoption or create an engaging virtual event. That’s why Meet Me In The Cloud offers a 6-Step Methodology to drive technology adoption results efficiently and thoroughly. And the first three steps (Strategy Review, Assessment & Preparation, and Communication Review) rely on calculated pre-planning to ensure that the next steps we take in collaboration with your team are on target to effectively drive full adoption results.

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