How to Add Value to Your Virtual Events with Video

Jul 5, 2021 | Events

Dynamic virtual events are here to stay. There are many reasons why certain events will stay virtual after all the pandemic restrictions have gone away. For some, it’s a money saver. And for others, it offers the chance for a larger and more geographically diverse audience. But creating a dynamic virtual event doesn’t happen on its own. Let’s go through some ways you can add value to your virtual events with video.

The Importance of Video

Video integration in virtual meetings is much more than your participants being able to see your face, and you theirs. There are multiple ways you can create a more in-depth and engaging experience when you leverage video content and capabilities before, during, and after a virtual event.

Before your event, you can create video content to promote your event with short advertisements and feature videos. You can also create and pre-record content to be used during the event if you are in need of some resources that aren’t live-stream dependent.

During the event, you can obviously use video to facilitate team discussions, panels, Q&As, presentations, and much more. You can also use video feeds onsite, to show featured panels, in-person gatherings and events, and other physical location and event elements.

Your onsite, in-event, and pre-recorded video data can be packaged and sold or sent after the event if you want to offer participants a record of specific sessions, conversations, or action plans. They can also be used to create transcripts for sharing. You can also compile highlight reels or other short clips for marketing your next event.

Increase Visual Engagement

When you make the decision to have virtual events with video, you also have to remember that in your participants’ minds, they now need more of a reason to speak up. Collaboration tools have come a long way toward making the use of the video features intuitive and inclusive, but sometimes you need to give participants more prompts to increase that engagement.

Video integration in your virtual event or meeting means you have lots of opportunities to boost engagement through visual aids, collaborative documents, and more. When you are thinking about what kind of event you need to plan, remember to introduce and include visually dynamic elements as well as conversational and participation-based sections like ice breakers and other small things that break up the monotony and encourage more collaboration.

Have a Plan

Meet Me In The Cloud knows the importance of a good contingency plan to ensure event success. From pre-event testing of video playback and content review to having a plan when technology unexpectedly fails, we are there to assist in preparing for success.

  • Step 1: Kick Off – Pre-Session planning improves Event Effectiveness
  • Step 2: In-Session support enhances user experience
  • Step 3: Post-Session reports improve future events

Evaluate the Value of Your Video Assets

Evergreen video content is some of the most valuable – it is created and can be used over and over and still be relevant. When you are creating, analyzing, and editing event videos, keep that idea in mind so you can use those videos later for future events, marketing campaigns, and more.

Evaluating your video assets and their effectiveness is a crucial step in creating better virtual events over time. Each virtual collaboration is as unique as the participants. Leveraging your video assets to improve user experience can help improve collaboration and create new opportunities for your events and your business.

Need Assistance with Virtual Events with Video?

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