6 Ideas to Make Your Next Virtual Event More Fun & Dynamic

Jul 19, 2021 | Events

The versatility of the virtual event is unparalleled. And as collaboration tools expand and evolve, the possibilities are continuously growing. Why not spice up your next event? Here are some ways to make your next virtual event more fun and dynamic.

Feed the Hype

Your big virtual event deserves some dynamic buzz! In the lead-up to your event, use your business’s or event’s social media pages to feature some interactive content. Create relevant polls or Q & As that will get people interested in the event. Establishing that engagement could mean more participants and attendees. You can also do things like interactive countdowns, calls for submissions of ideas or art, and more.

A great way to think about pre-event promotion is to look at something like Discovery’s Shark Week – the event is amazing, but the year-long anticipation (especially the buzz in the weeks leading up to it) allows more and more people to buy into the hype!

Schedule a Team Learning Session

Team building doesn’t have to be all about work. We already know it’s a great idea to set up a virtual training session on things like new processes and procedures, new collaboration tools, and the like.

But after the stress of the last year, your team deserves a more entertaining team-building exercise like a short skills class everyone will enjoy. Here are some ideas for team learning sessions that are fun:

  • Leadership seminar
  • Self-defense class
  • Cooking lesson
  • Mindfulness, meditation, or yoga instruction
  • Paint and sip course

There are tons of great online education sources – like MasterClass, Skillshare, and Udemy – that offer a range of topics and subjects to explore. You can increase engagement and participant satisfaction by having your team members each choose a class they’d like to take and letting them vote for their favorite.

Virtual Show & Tell

Remember when thousands of people were online every day near the beginning of the pandemic, learning how to bake bread? According to CNN, this phenomenon stemmed from our need to produce something tangible in the midst of all the chaos.

Lots of people learned new skills or discovered new hobbies while we were all social distancing. How about a show and tell event to show off those new talents and passions?

This could be done in a range of ways – you could start off regular monthly or weekly meetings with one member’s Show and Tell, or you can make a day of it where everyone gathers virtually to talk about what they love to do outside of work.

Dinner or Watch Party

This is another option that could be used in both a professional or casual way. Throwing a party with a purpose breaks up the virtual meeting monotony we’re all experiencing.

For the dinner party, you can create a theme – like pizza or world foods – and provide a stipend for each person to choose a related food of their choice. The dinner party could be business-related or just a casual get-to-know-you affair.

And as for the watch parties – you can do this with everything from training videos to educational series to the latest blockbuster released on streaming services. You can build activities around the event – have your team come with questions or predictions, or provide discussion time after you all watch the video.

Smartphone Adventures

Video conferencing is on the move since you can join meetings with just your smartphone. Try changing up the scenery for a meeting or two – have everyone go to their favorite outdoor spot (weather permitting) or join the meeting from a different place in their house. Let your team talk about where they are and why they chose that place. It’s a fun way to re-engage your audience without a ton of prep work on your part.

Virtual Concert

Going to concerts was almost unheard of in 2020. Dozens of musicians canceled their domestic and even world tours. And since art, in the form of music and video content, was one of the easiest ways to chase away COVID-induced boredom, there are tons of great virtual concert experiences that your team would love, from Taylor Swift to Fleetwood Mac and more.

Hosting a virtual concert can be as easy as inviting a group of musicians to perform via video conference, or you can rent or buy a specific concert experience for everyone to enjoy from their remote locations.

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