3 Virtual Meeting Roles You Should Have

Apr 5, 2021 | Tips

Virtual meetings are the glue holding the professional and educational world together during a pandemic. And we’ve learned a lot since the beginning of 2020, like how to removecat filter when you’re on a Zoom call. But we’ve also learned how to create meaningful and productive meetings from our homes and offices around the country and the globe. Here are three virtual meeting roles you should have.


If you are hosting a great virtual event, whether it’s a quarterly executive discussion or an annual conference, you need a moderator.

It’s important to have a moderator both as someone who can keep track of time and as someone who can pull attention back to the intended topics. Moderators can also be called hosts or emcees and this role can look different depending on what type of meeting you are planning.

It’s human nature to go off on a tangent, especially if the meeting you’re having is conversational or discussion-based.

It’s good to think about who would best fill this role and why. If the head of the meeting is doing most of the talking, having them moderate will likely not be effective. But if there are assistants or partners in the meeting with less active roles, they are perfect to help keep track of time and discussion topics – which helps you keep your meeting on track and eliminates the need to go past the scheduled meeting times. It is also a great idea to use your moderator to monitor chat and QA to bring in topics your audience has a connection with.

Designated Tech Support

It doesn’t matter how perfectly you plan an event or meeting, there is always room for tech issues!

Designating and including a technician or tech support person is essential in getting your meeting back on track should something unexpected happen with your video or audio feeds, internet connections, meeting software, and more.

Tech support can also help with cybersecurity concerns. If someone you didn’t invite manages to make their way into your meeting or event, having an IT and AV-savvy team member in the meeting can eliminate that threat swiftly, which leaves your company or group less vulnerable to exposure and exploitation.

Virtual Producer

A Virtual Producer is your sort of go-to person for all things concerning high-level planning and execution of your event.

Your virtual producer will help you choose the right software, extensions, and packages to ensure that your event has everything you need: options for multiple speakers, visual and audio dynamics, the ability to record sessions, etc.

A producer will help with everything from planning sessions and Q&As to helping set up microphones, lighting, and background elements.

A producer will also lend credibility to your event and make it easier to market to your future attendees. Designating or hiring a virtual producer means you have another mind working with you to seek out and fix potential holes in your planning before you are live and “on the air.”

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