What’s Included in Slack Collaboration Software?

Jan 19, 2023 | Collaboration

While Slack is often thought of as a business messaging tool, the platform is capable of much more. Slack can share files, host meetings, and streamline communications with third parties. In addition, Slack collaboration software includes advanced security features and more than 2,400 app integrations.

Let’s discuss some lesser-known Slack features, including which plan you need to purchase to gain access.

10 Underappreciated Slack Collaboration Software Features

Some of the most exciting – but underappreciated – features included in Slack collaboration software are:

1. Guest Accounts

All premium Slack plans come with the guest account feature, which allows organizations to bring outside users like vendors, contractors, and freelancers into their Slack workspace. This makes communicating and sharing files with your vital third-party collaborators easier.

2. Multi-Organization Collaboration

A premium Slack plan also unlocks the Slack Connect feature. Slack Connect allows multiple organizations to communicate with each other from within their own workspaces. This feature streamlines and centralizes inter-organizational communication, reducing the risks of miscommunication and ensuring everyone stays in the loop.

3. Custom User Groups

With a premium plan, organizations can create customized user groups for more targeted internal communications. For example, managers can use custom user groups to send important announcements to relevant team members who may not otherwise be in the same chat channel.

4. Conversation Archive Search

One of the great things about communicating through a platform like Slack is that there’s a record of what was said, helping to ensure transparency and reduce misunderstandings. With a free plan, you can search the 10,000 most recent messages (or up to 90 days in the past, whichever comes first). Premium plans give you the ability to archive and search an unlimited number of messages.

5. File Storage

Team members can store and share important files in a Slack workspace to enable easier collaboration. The free Slack plan includes 5 GB of file storage space for the entire workspace. Premium Slack plans allot a larger amount of storage space per user: 10 GB per user for Pro plans, 20 GB per user for Business+ plans, and 1 TB per user for Enterprise Grid plans.

6. Voice & Video Calls

In addition to text-based messaging, Slack collaboration software includes voice and video calling to facilitate more personal communication. Free Slack plans only allow 1-on-1 calls, while all premium plans allow up to 15 people per call.

7. Screen Sharing

The screen sharing feature allows team members to present slideshows, applications, files, and more from their devices during voice and video calls. This feature is available to all premium Slack users.

8. Audio & Video Clips

Slack collaboration software allows premium users to record and share audio, video, and even live screen captures. This makes it easier for team members to virtually communicate complicated ideas while allowing recipients to view and respond when it’s convenient.

9. Advanced Security

Slack provides a secure platform to communicate and collaborate with internal teams, guest users, and other organizations. In addition, premium plans offer enterprise-grade security features like:

  • Google OAuth: Access Slack through your Google Workspace account
  • Single Sign-on (SSO): Use your preferred identity provider to login to your Slack workspace
  • Two-Factor Authentication (2FA): Protect Slack accounts from being compromised by requiring a second form of authentication to login
  • Real-time Active Directory (AD) Sync: Use OneLogin, Okta, or Ping Identity to sync Slack with your organization’s AD

10. App Integrations

Slack provides a robust catalog of app integrations so you can expand your workspace with even more features and functionality. The Slack App Directory includes over 2,400 integrations with applications for customer support, HR management, payroll, and more. Free Slack plans allow up to 10 integrations, while all the premium plans support unlimited integrations.

Guest Accounts Premium plans only
Inter-Organization Collaboration Premium plans only
Custom User Groups Premium plans only
Conversation Archive Search Free Plan: Last 10,000 messages or 90 days
Premium Plans: Unlimited
File Storage Free Plan: 5 GB total
Pro Plan: 10 GB per user
Business+ Plan: 20 GB per user
Enterprise Grid Plan: 1 TB per user
Voice & Video Calls Free Plan: 1-on-1 calls only
Premium Plans: Up to 15 participants
Screen Sharing Premium plans only
Audio & Video Clips Premium plans only
Advanced Security Premium plans only
App Integrations Free Plan: Up to 10 apps
Premium Plans: Unlimited


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