Cisco Webex Bootcamp


In this 1-day in-person or virtual course, you will learn how to use the many features and functions of Webex.

The course starts with an introduction to Webex, followed by a detailed exploration of the Webex App and its components, such as Meetings and Chat. Participants also learn about advanced meeting features that enhance collaboration and productivity.

Additionally, the course covers how to use Webex with video endpoints as well as scheduling meetings and managing video endpoints for others. Lastly, participants gain knowledge on utilizing room kits and conference room video solutions for seamless communication and collaboration.

This course is also CLC-eligible.

Course Outline

  • Introduction to Webex
  • Webex App: Meetings, Chat/Spaces
  • Messages vs. Spaces
  • Creating and managing spaces
  • Messages, @mentions
  • Viewing and sharing files
  • Managing members of a space
  • People spaces (direct messages)
  • Meeting and calling
  • Connecting to audio/video
  • Sharing content
  • Scheduling, starting, and joining a meeting
  • Sharing content in a meeting
  • Whiteboarding
  • Meeting plug-ins (Slido, Miro, Mural)
  • Webex Assistant
  • Optional Webex features (real-time translation, etc.)
  • Webex and mobility (Desktop and Mobile use)
  • In-meeting privileges and options
  • Managing your panels
  • Q&A and polling management
  • Host/Co-host roles, functions, and privileges
  • Advanced collaboration and activity tools
  • Breakout rooms
  • Post-meeting reporting, attendance, file storage, and transfer
  • Best practices for presenters and attendees
  • Using Webex with video endpoints of Webex with Cisco personal video endpoints, room kits, and conference room video solutions
  • Common Cisco video endpoints (Touch 10, Roomkit, Roomkit Mini, Webex Bar, DeskPro, etc.)
  • Scheduling meetings and rooms with Cisco video endpoints
  • Scheduling meetings for others (Executive Admins)
  • Joining Meetings from the device (using One Button To Push – OBTP)
  • Using video addresses, video call back, and Proximity
  • Using Cisco devices to make a call (no meeting)
  • Viewing upcoming meetings
  • How to get more information

Bootcamp Benefits

Our bootcamps are highly focused and immersive training programs designed to equip teams with comprehensive technology skills. Led by expert instructors who hold Cisco certifications, these programs offer hands-on experience to ensure maximum learning and practical knowledge application.

During the bootcamp, participants engage in intensive training sessions that cover a wide range of relevant technical topics. With a carefully curated curriculum, interactive exercises, and real-world simulations, our instructors enable teams to develop practical problem-solving abilities and apply their newly-acquired skills in authentic scenarios.

Our bootcamps prioritize experiential learning through lab-based activities. Participants gain significant exposure to Cisco's industry-leading hardware and software solutions, acquiring valuable expertise that they can directly implement in their own organizational settings.

Throughout the program, our certified instructors provide personalized guidance and support to address individual or team-specific needs. They are committed to creating an inclusive learning environment that fosters confidence while offering critical insights into industry best practices.


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