Tips for Writing an Effective Virtual Meeting Script

Sep 20, 2021 | Events

Not every virtual event needs a script, but it’s a great way to avoid awkward pauses and losing momentum in a world that has become very Zoom-forward. Do you have a conference, webinar, team meeting, or quarterly update coming up? Here are some great tips for writing an effective virtual meeting script.

Pattern the Way You Write after the Way You Speak

A crucial tip for creating a great virtual meeting script is to write like you talk. Skip the college thesis statement-style formal voice and stick to a more conversational, but professional tone.

Of course, the voice and tone of your script will be unique to the virtual event – no need to be extra formal if your event is more casual in nature, and vice versa. The script is just that – a script. It’s important to remember you are writing for video and audio. The goal of your script and your content should be to keep your audience engaged. One of the easiest ways to lose the attention of your participants is to use a script that feels more like a lecture than a conversation.

Quick tips:

  • Keep your sentences short
  • Don’t be afraid to start them with conjunctions like “and” or “but”
  •  Use second person pronouns – speak to your audience and not at them. Use words like “you” and “your” to tie your listeners to the topics or ideas you are presenting.

We know your high school English teacher might cringe at these writing tips, but your audience will thank you!

Greet Your Audience and Manage Their Expectations

Your virtual meeting should be equal parts informative and welcoming. The first thing you should do is say hello, and introduce yourself by name, you can also give your role or job title if your meeting will be attended by people who don’t already know who you are.

As a part of your greeting, you can also offer some FAQ or helpful information: let participants know where to find recordings or transcripts of the meeting and give some background information on you and any other common questions that your participants may have as you dive into the event.

Sneak peeks, table of contents – audiences love knowing what to expect. And it helps you stay on track throughout the event as well. Create a quick reference guide or meeting outline that you can share with participants either before the event or towards the beginning of the presentation itself.  

Remember to Add in Some Personal (And Relatable) Content

Another great way to engage your audience and bookend dense or difficult topics is to incorporate personal elements and stories into your virtual meeting script. You can do this by asking rhetorical questions or creating mockup scenarios that fit the theme of your event and the topic of your personal experience.

You can also use personal stories to walk your audience through a complex process. This is especially helpful if the event is education-based. Personal stories are the best form of example presentation: using the words “for example” also creates engaging content. But the most poignant content comes from life experiences.

Not only does including personal stories create a relatable, real-life example, it also lends credibility to your own brand and personal reputation by giving your participants a look into your personal life and experiences.

Planning and Scripting an Event is a Team Effort

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