The Ferrari of Online Collaboration: Cisco Webex

Nov 25, 2019 | Collaboration, Training

The Ferrari of Online Collaboration: Cisco Webex

Most of us can remember back to our teenage years when we first started learning how to drive: popping the clutch all the way through the high school parking lot, sitting at the left turn lane waiting for the perfect moment to turn, watching mom attempt to use the non-existent break in the floorboard of her minivan. We found ourselves behind the wheel of heavy and powerful machinery with absolutely no clue how to make it go, stop, turn, or reverse… and certainly no idea how to parallel park.

So, for our parents, it was a no-brainer. They hired a local driver’s ed company to show us the ins and outs of driving. We weren’t left alone to figure out how to drive this powerful tool all over town on our own. We had a guide. Someone who had already been there, figured out all the loopholes, and knew all the tricks to driving well and using the car to get us wherever we wanted to go.

So… where do you want to go?


Driver’s Training for Your Company

Meet Me In The Cloud wants to help guide your company wherever it wants to go and we want to show you how to utilize the powerful tools of Cisco Webex to accomplish that. Through our 6 step methodology, we are ready to guide you through the process of learning to “drive” one of the most powerful tools in business: Cisco Webex.


Prius or Ferrari… How Much Power Can You Handle?

But for most of your employees, using Cisco is not like learning to drive a Prius. Cisco has so many tools to offer and so many products to choose from that it is the Ferrari of online collaboration tools. With the much anticipated Room Panorama and Desk Pro coming out in 2020, online collaboration is definitely getting an upgrade. And your collaborative community wants to drive those virtual cross-table communications at top speed and feel the rush of instant and effective communication. They want to know how to utilize the software, set up a meeting, join a collaboration, find notes and information on the other attendees.

But they are afraid that they’ll accidentally “pop the clutch” in the middle of a meeting!

And, they aren’t alone in feeling that way. 85% of participants in online collaborations frequently experience issues with online meetings and 42% feel frustrated because they can’t easily join an online meeting . This is the equivalent to popping the clutch in a Ferrari!

Confidence in What You’re “Driving”

But no need to experience that moment – with Meet Me In The Cloud’s Cisco certified Webex Lifecycle Advisors, we can walk you and your collaborators through our 6 step methodology to make sure every one of your stakeholders knows how to drive that Ferrari… and how to drive it fast.

Don’t let this Ferrari of collaboration go to waste by letting it sit collecting dust in the garage because no one knows how to drive it. Drive fast… but don’t take chances: partner with Meet Me In The Cloud and watch your collaborative community discover what they are truly capable of.

Frustrated with your cloud collaboration tools?

Meet Me in the Cloud can turn your digital collaboration tools into productivity engines. At any point in your collaboration journey, we partner with you to fully adopt your preferred technology tools. We also offer customized training as well as virtual event assistance. We know more than just technology. It’s important to us that people fully leverage technology to empower themselves. To get started, contact our experts today.

Do you need help with your digital collaboration tools to maximize productivity? Meet Me in the Cloud helps your business properly use collaboration tools, like Zoom, Webex, and Teams, and empowers your employees to embrace cloud-based technology.

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