Driving Remote Employee Engagement Through Training

Jan 5, 2023 | Events

In recent years, remote and hybrid offices with at least a few remote employees have become more common. However, there are some unique challenges, particularly remote employee engagement. 

When separated from the corporate work environment, employees can lose touch with communication, workflow, and teamwork. You can create innovative ways to streamline workflow and accomplish tasks by providing employees with training in all these areas.

How Training Boosts Remote Employee Engagement

It is essential that you focus on providing training opportunities for your staff to boost remote employee engagement. This will make a considerable contribution toward growth and the attainment of your company’s goals and objectives. According to a Talent LMS survey, 78% of remote employees want to receive training.

What are the benefits of training for remote employee engagement?

Employee Retention and Motivation

Your remote employees are less likely to leave you for another company if they feel comfortable in their roles and positions. Training increases loyalty towards an organization because there’s an investment in the individual. It not only helps retain good people, but it also builds their knowledge and skills, which in turn boosts their value as employees.

You’re sending a clear message by investing in training that you value your remote employees as individuals and care about their development. Employees who feel valued will likely be more engaged and work harder for your organization’s success.

Also, the kind of training you offer can influence their motivation. For example, you could teach your remote employees how their roles fit your business’s purpose, mission, and goals. They will feel a sense of purpose at work if they are able to understand how their jobs contribute to the success of your business. Or you could train them on a new cloud collaboration platform you are deploying to improve their technology adoption and engagement.

Staff who feel empowered at work are more likely to influence and gain the trust of other employees. As a result of this development, they gain a stronger feeling of autonomy, value, and confidence in their work.

Workplace Relationship Development

Training can also improve workplace relationships and communications. You can help remote staff stay engaged and contribute to their well-being by improving relationships. 

You can improve your team members’ bond by letting them explore new topics, improve their skills, and expand their knowledge.

Peer collaboration is the preferred method of learning for many people. Sharing ideas or solutions enhances the learning experience for everyone. Learning from one another’s strengths can improve remote employee engagement and foster a more well-rounded workforce.

Performance Enhancement

Better performance is another benefit of providing your remote employees with learning tools.

Your employees will be better equipped to do their jobs if they refine their skills and expand their knowledge. Learning also affects employees’ motivation and confidence, so their performance will improve.

Remote teams that are highly engaged deliver better service. Organizations that train and develop their employees will have a better customer retention rate and repeat business and stay competitive in the future.

Whether it’s better worker retention, improved performance, or even future leader development, improving remote employee engagement is a vital element of any organization’s training program.

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