CASE STUDY PART II: Government Agency CSMS & Continued Partnership

Dec 30, 2019 | Case Study, Collaboration

Realizing More

Don’t you love hearing a positive review? It makes you feel like you are doing what you’re supposed to be doing. This was what Meet Me In The Cloud heard from our accelerated adoption project with a state and local government. You can read how it all started here.

“When we began rolling out Webex to departments in 2018 it was done without a solid plan to train and engage customers. Those who had previously used the product were able to fend for themselves, but it was clear that those who hadn’t were not aware of all the power of all the available Webex features. After a year small gains had been made but it was mostly through one-on-one and small group sessions. While those had value, we wanted to help customers on a broader scale.

In our first discussion with Meet Me in the Cloud it was clear they could check all the boxes in the areas we considered gaps in a full adoption of Webex. This included custom training sessions, the Microlearning Library that provided feature video tutorials, and weekly check-in sessions with Acceleration Adoption Experts to assist with customer communications and to look over analytics to see the gains we were making. With their help we have gone from 1300 accounts utilized to over 2000 and meetings with video has increased 25% in less than 6 months.
We made the right decision for our organization to partner with Meet Me in the Cloud.”

Collaborating More

But was that it? Was it time to part ways? Absolutely not! It was clear for both parties that this was an opportunity to play a strategic role in their collaboration journey – long term. So, after successfully concluding our initial project with the state government IT department, we shifted gears into the Customer-Success-as-a-Managed-Service (CSMS) phase of our partnership.

Because the state desired to improve team collaboration overall, it was a natural fit with MMITC’s CSMS program (you can read more about our CSMS program here). In this alliance, we act as a long-term partner in our customers’ digital transformations.

Optimizing More

The initial few months were focused on ensuring that end users were taken care of post-migration to their new Webex site, with trainings targeted to specific user behaviors and collateral designed to make them feel at home with the latest features and functionality. Our partners in the state IT department reported that despite some minor technical hiccups, their user population was adjusting happily to their new Webex environment with very few trouble tickets submitted.

Envisioning More

Once the short-term tasks were wrapped up, we were also pleased to be able to turn their eyes towards envisioning what the future of collaboration might look like for the state. While most companies work towards adopting technology, they tend to forget that the biggest thing they are working to adopt is a new mindset.

More Mindset

The mindset about working with new programs, technology, equipment, people, etc. Companies (on the employee level) tend to have push back when talking about “changing things up” and you develop pockets. Pockets of people that jump on to whatever is needed, having a “whatever it takes” mindset. Some pockets dig in their heels and say “I guess if I have to…”. And the other majority pocket mindset says, “It doesn’t matter what they do or get, I’m going to do things the way I want to anyway.”

Remembering that layered into all objectives is the mindset challenge as well, will change how you approach the solution. Expanding to a video-centric collaboration experience through the deployment of Webex room devices was the first objective of our statewide government clients. So, keeping the mindset factor in mind, we know that providing video conferencing tools that add the least amount of “additional steps” to your users increases learning, comfortability, and usage across your business.

“The staff at Meet Me in the Cloud have deep product knowledge, are experienced in driving adoption, and were extremely responsive when questions or concerns arose. Customer feedback for the training sessions was overwhelmingly positive with many remarking that it would be helpful if this model could be used for other products in our service portfolio.”

More and More

Some of our next targets are working around needed locked-down versions of their collaboration tools and becoming more comfortable which means moving at the speed of the cloud. It’s still early on this particular part of the journey so far, but the teams at both the state and MMITC are excited for the future of this alliance and the collaboration of all!

Frustrated with your cloud collaboration tools?

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