Benefits of Professional Adoption Services

Sep 23, 2019 | Collaboration, Training, Webinar

Have you heard about the benefits of professional adoption services with MMITC?

Meet Me In The Cloud’s 6 Steps to Accelerate Collaboration Technology Adoption is a strategic process that was designed to increase company communication, decision making, and productivity. This step by step process is user-friendly and easy to learn. Make sure to check out the 6 steps here.

MMITC is the only Cisco Channel Partner. We are certified Webex Meetings and Webex Lifecycle Advisors. The founder and most of the team are former Webex employees. So, we definitely know the in’s and out’s of these products. We geek out on Webex.

The Benefits

Our proven 6 step methodology covers all aspects of the deployment of the software.

Our focus is on the best practices around users. Having a communication plan, project plan and having flexible end-user training comes from years of experience working with thousands of Cisco Webex Meetings and Webex Teams customers.

We start with a strategic and professional project plan. We outline the milestones and steps associated with a successful Webex implementation process. Each phase is strategically placed and positioned with video and third-party integrations.

We provide flexible training options. Our services include custom, instructor-led, live, online training classes as well as three extensive libraries of custom video training modules. While it is encouraged to use Webex for learning Webex, we also deliver courses onsite at any location around the world.

More About What We Do

If you would like to learn more about what we do, make sure you register for our upcoming webinar. Register here.

This webinar is specifically designed to give you more information about being a Meet Me In The Cloud customer. Implementing new technology is apt to come with questions. What should I expect?…How long is this going to take?…and Where do I get started? are just some of the questions that are probably going through your minds.

The best people to answer those questions will be leading the webinar, Danny Servantez, our Acceleration Adoption Expert, and John Sayer, our Collaboration Lead. Both of these gentlemen are the ones you want when it comes to gathering information…they are the expert and lead for a reason.

So, what exactly will we be going over in the webinar?

Check out our 6 Steps to Accelerate Collaboration Technology Adoption blog to see the heart of our Customer Journey.

If you aren’t sure that collaboration technology is for you and your company, I’d invite you to check out how Communication is Changing.

Jump on this 30-minute webinar to see if Meet Me In The Cloud is the right fit for you, ask questions, and start your journey to implementing collaboration technology with us. You can always contact us sooner if you’re ready to get started now!

The Customer Journey to Adopting Webex – Webinar  Click HERE to Register

9/25 at 12 PM CT / 10 AM PT

Presenters: Danny Servantez, Adoption Acceleration Lead, and John Sayer, Collaboration Lead

See you soon!
John Sayer

Frustrated with your cloud collaboration tools?

Meet Me in the Cloud can turn your digital collaboration tools into productivity engines. At any point in your collaboration journey, we partner with you to fully adopt your preferred technology tools. We also offer customized training as well as virtual event assistance. We know more than just technology. It’s important to us that people fully leverage technology to empower themselves. To get started, contact our experts today.

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