Comprehensive Cloud Architecture Solutions

Our way of working is changing — whether because of the pandemic or digital transformation goals. Adopting the latest cloud collaboration tools helps organizations maximize efficiency, effectiveness, and expansion. With our comprehensive cloud architecture solutions advice, we can put your cloud collaboration plans into action.

Cloud Architecture Solutions Consulting

Whether upgrading legacy tools, moving to the cloud or just starting your collaboration journey, choosing the right platform can be challenging. Step by step, we’ll get you where you want to be.

Our first question is, “What business problem are you trying to solve?” We thrive on discovery and finding the best solution for you. We provide enlightened advice based on best-in-class technologies, your business requirements, and industry best practices.

Meet Me in The Cloud architects help you evaluate the components and structure you need for a successful cloud migration or upgrade, including front-end platforms, back-end platforms, cloud delivery, and your network approach.

Our consultants help you understand what you need based on a third-party assessment to make the most of your investment. In designing this program, we wanted to help you understand your end-users’ needs, business requirements, and objectives. Those elements are then mapped back to comprehensive cloud architecture solutions.

Benefits of
Working with Us

We can help you select the right cloud platforms and implement them. The benefits of our approach include the following:

  • Improved efficiency of data processing pipelines
  • Enhanced on-demand scalability
  • Lower costs compared to on-premises solutions
  • Industry-leading consulting services

We help you move your services to the cloud quickly and efficiently with easy-to-implement strategic recommendations about best-in-class technology.

We’ve developed holistic, compliant cloud architectures so you can take your business to the next level of productivity and competitiveness.

Pair Our Cloud Architecture Solutions with Customized Training

We offer a standalone cloud architecture solutions service because sometimes you need a neutral third party to assess your environment and users. We’ve also seen great results pairing this service with our customized training tailored to your collaboration tools and end-user workflows.

We pride ourselves on our six-step adoption and training method:


Solutions Architecture Service
1. Strategy Review — We discuss your technology goals, review the project plan and timeline, and prepare for site administration and training.
2. Assessment and Preparation — We assess your technology to guarantee that your cloud platform is set up correctly. We also train your leadership team and administrators on how to use the technology.
3. Communication Review — We finalize all internal communications before sharing the new technology, including posters, training materials, and other materials.
4. End-User Training — Your organization learns about the new technology and begins training employees. Administrators configure end-user accounts, send all internal communications to users, and initiate self-paced training for new users.
5. Metrics and Reporting — After training, our team helps administrators pull usage reports and evaluate data to compare actual usage to adoption goals. You need to do this step to speed up adoption.
6. Completion — With the help of Meet Me In The Cloud, you’ll successfully adopt the cloud technology of your choice within 60 days.
Cloud collaboration tools are only helpful if your team uses them. Let’s maximize your investment and make the most of your technology.


Meet Me In The Cloud can turn your digital collaboration tools into productivity engines. At any point in your collaboration journey, we partner with you to provide cloud architecture solutions consulting and help with the adoption of your preferred cloud collaboration tools. To get started, contact our experts today. [tel:1-866-221-3221]


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