Why It’s Still Worth It to Host Virtual Events

Nov 8, 2021 | Events

TechCrunch vowed to keep all 2021 events virtual, and they had an amazing year. What can we learn about attendee expectations and how to continue to generate revenue via virtual events in current and future climates? Let’s discuss why it’s still worth it to host virtual events.

2020 made it a necessity to host virtual events, and though the practice has been gaining popularity in recent years, many people still viewed the shift as a temporary stop-gap measure caused by COVID-19. But now that we are settling into new routines, we are forced to admit that the way we move through the world has likely changed forever.


One benefit most people are attributing to COVID when it comes to deciding to host virtual events is safety. But virtual events offer more than just safety from contagious attendees.

Virtual events are also safer from a travel standpoint. If your event is virtual, your attendees, speakers, and staff don’t have to take chances on the road or in the air. Before 2020, road traffic injuries were the leading cause of death in people 5 to 29 years old.


In-person events are expensive. Here are some of the things you save money on when you host virtual events:

  • Flights, gas, and other travel expenses
  • Lodging and accommodations (hotels, parking)
  • Catering
  • Decorations
  • Photographers
  • Venue Reservations

Environmental Impact

Another benefit of hosting a virtual event is the easing of the environmental burden. In 2020, when everyone stopped traveling, CO2 emissions dropped by 2 billion tons – an unprecedented amount in human history.

By redirecting these resources, your business can host virtual events that cost you less time and money, cost your attendees less time and money, and also create a more environmentally friendly experience.


One of the biggest reasons we host virtual events, pre- and post-COVID restrictions, is the convenience of online attendance. There’s zero travel time, and no one needs to arrange travel plans for themselves and other caretaking arrangements for children, pets, and other dependents.


The virtual work and event experience has been breaking barriers and debunking myths about productivity outside of dedicated work or event venue spaces. When you host virtual events, your attendees don’t have to take time out of their day to leave their workspace and get set up at the event. They can also transition smoothly from event attendance to work, and back. No need to pack up all your work items and devices and move into the next part of your day.

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