Top Reasons Employees Leave

Nov 29, 2021 | Tips

Attracting and retaining exceptional talent is an essential part of any successful business. As 2021 draws to a close and labor shortages create issues from the supply chain to the customer experience, it’s more crucial than ever to know why employees seek employment elsewhere and how you can decrease the frequency with which you are replacing team members. Here are some of the top reasons employees leave and how to prevent it.

Lack of Engagement

This Gallup survey found that 15% of US workers are “actively disengaged” in 2021. This doesn’t mean the person sits at their desk and does nothing all day, but the spark and innovative drive to stay busy and look for new and creative ways to solve problems and complete tasks are gone. These people may also be taking more sporadic sick days and vacation days or withdrawing from social or tam-based activities they previously were engaged in.

Unprepared or Ineffective Managers

You’ve likely heard the saying “people don’t leave bad companies, they leave bad managers,” and there’s a lot of truth to that. When it comes to reasons employees leave a position, manager issues is another top contender.

Much of these issues are caused by ineffective manager styles and personalities, or misuse of tools and technology. If a manager can’t communicate expectations thoroughly and clearly, and employees don’t feel empowered to discuss issues with their supervisors, communication and skills gaps will abound, creating an environment that is easy to disengage from.

Some great questions to ask to determine if you have manager issues include:

  • Do your employers feel like “we’re all in this together?”
  • Do employees feel like they can offer suggestions and concerns? Do they feel these conversations and issues are acknowledged and then acted upon?
  • Do your employees feel valued and supported by current management?

Widening Skill Gaps – Lack of Career & Professional Development

Areas related to skills assessment and professional development are great opportunities to mitigate employee engagement issues.

Offering training services for new and emerging technologies that will soon become a large part of their workflow is a way to not only show employees that your management teams are always looking for areas of improvement but also to demonstrate that your company has a vested interest in offering continuing education opportunities to team members to help them augment skillsets.

Lack of Remote Work Options

2020’s great migration to remote work set the precedent for future job expectations. The global workforce was shown that not only is it possible to make many positions either fully or partially remote, but it can even increase productivity.

Evaluating current remote work solutions as well as expanding remote options using cutting-edge technology is not going to be a pipe dream for applicants or current staff anymore.

That means your remote options need to increase. And with that comes a need for more targeted technology adoption. The sooner your teams get comfortable communicating and working in remote-forward collaboration tools or technologies, the higher the employee engagement levels.

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