State & Local Government Webex Adoption Case Study: How MMITC Upgraded an Entire State’s Online Collaboration

Dec 11, 2019 | Case Study, Collaboration

It’s tough enough to roll-out a new online collaboration tool in a small company, but imagine how a state government IT department felt attempting to do this across an entire state! This is just what Meet Me In the Cloud discovered when talking with the IT department who wanted to coordinate a statewide Webex Training plan to drive Webex adoption across all state agencies. They wanted to do this roll-out before moving all employees to a new cloud based Webex site managed in their new Cisco Webex Control Hub. And to all parties involved, this sounded like a great plan!


Statewide Webex Adoption: Much Easier Said Than Done

But, as we all know, the best laid plans often go awry. Although the idea to adopt Webex across all their state agencies was progressive and forward thinking, the implementation turned out to be much easier said than done. The state was struggling to actualize an effective plan which would bring all employees on board. Using a normal standard application roll-out and training procedures simply wasn’t cutting it.


The Solution Was in The Cloud

At this point, the IT department realized that they were going to require some outside help. After looking at the available options, they realized that the solution was in the cloud… Meet Me In The Cloud. The IT department leveraged MMITC to provide Webex Adoption Acceleration and Training Services to help with the monumental task to plan, coordinate, and deliver end-user Webex Training to all existing Webex users spread across 10-12 State and Local Government Webex Sites.


When the Goal Becomes the Vision

The IT department had a goal: they wanted to move all of their state agencies to a single Webex site in their new Control Hub. But Meet Me In The Cloud’s goal went far beyond just a goal. They created a vision. MMITC envisioned the transfer to involve all Webex Users feeling confident in the transition because of MMITC’s successfully coordinated planning, communication, and training.


When the Vision Becomes Reality

And that vision became a reality. Meet Me In The Cloud’s Adoption Acceleration Services helped the IT department to achieve over 80% of all licensed users conducting a Webex Meeting over the first 60 days! They went beyond simply telling the IT department how the new technology works. MMITC created a careful, well thought out plan, and then helped them to implement that plan. All the IT department was able to see originally was an insurmountable obstacle, but once Meet Me In the Cloud’s Adoption Acceleration Services came in, they were able to overcome their technology adoption challenges.


Dreaming Bigger

As a result of the amazing experience and surprisingly quick implementation, the IT department chose to continue their partnership with MMITC’s Customer Success Managed Services. This ensures that their Webex Users will have an engaged partner in their continued online collaboration plans and goals for continuous adoption.


Meet Me In The Cloud upgraded an entire state’s online collaboration in less than 60 days.
Just imagine what our Adoption Acceleration Services can do for you.

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