4 Tips for Leveraging Microsoft Teams for Collaboration

Oct 19, 2020 | Tips

There are dozens of top-tier collaboration tools and applications, like Microsoft Teams, that promise to boost collaboration and efficiency in your workplace. But what are the benefits of Microsoft Teams? And how can we leverage its functionality to enhance collaboration on a daily basis?

Here are some benefits and tips for leveraging Microsoft Teams for your collaboration needs.

Benefits of Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams is integrated with Office 365, which means more opportunities for collaboration, storage, and file sharing. There are many benefits to using MS Teams for employee collaboration.

The chat functionality within MS Teams is a big benefit. Teams lets you have threaded conversations in real-time, which allows you to see all conversations within a team in one place, but in a way that makes it easy for participants to understand and peruse through all the information.

As Microsoft Office and Office 365 products are some of the most widely used tools in the professional landscape, Teams carries the added benefit of seamless integration with Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, OneDrive, Planner, Sharepoint, and more.

Another great benefit is that MS Teams has a high degree of customization as well as the ability to integrate with third parties. “For example, the marketing team would be able to receive updates from Twitter which would be just as important to them as updates from your CMO,” says this article from Advantage.  

Tips for MS Teams Use

Assign Tags

Rather than creating contact groups to send messages, MS Teams lets you create tags for contacts, which then allows you to select a tag to send a message to all those with that tag.

Make the Most of Your Chats

The chat window is dynamic, so you can attach files or photos, call or video call, and access information from OneNote and Office apps. Integrating your experience and training your employees to use these advanced features can streamline communication, saving time and money.

Optimize Meetings

In the same way that WS Teams creates a dynamic chat experience, the same can be true for collaborative meetings. After creating the meeting in-platform, you can send chats to participants, share files, create to-do items and lists, and keep track of meeting notes (before, during, and after).

You even have the option to record team meetings and group calls (audio, video and screen sharing), so long as all users have access to Microsoft Stream, which you can check using this step-by-step process.

Browse, Add, and Pin Apps

Many of your favorite apps can be used within the Microsoft Teams platform, so another way to achieve full integration is to check out those app offerings and add relevant and helpful apps to your platform and pin then to the left-hand rail.

Accelerate Adoption and Utilization

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