Customer Experience Dominates

It’s not enough to have a good product in the SaaS world, your customers need to have a good experience using it, or they’ll quickly jump ship to a competitor.

It’s safe to say we’ve entered the era of Customer Experience.


Aspects Overlooked

However, an often overlooked aspect of Customer Experience is that of your own employees- if you’re going to make an award-winning product and keep delighting your customers, you need the best employees to make that happen.


A Better Way

Who do your employees turn to when something goes awry? That’s right, your tech support team.

A key ingredient to a successful support experience is feeling like you’re talking to- and being treated as- a human being.


At MMITC, we’ve recently seen a rise in organizations employing “tech bars,” in their offices, where end users can get an Apple Store-esque “Genius Bar” experience. And the support organizations that have deployed this as a support model have seen notable increases in their Customer Satisfaction, or CSAT, scores. All because they’re providing a great experience for their customers also known as the company’s end users.


Expanding Offices

However, we also live in a world where companies are increasingly distributed around the world, scattered amongst satellite offices or even working remotely! This is affecting the ability to staff support desks for in-person support, especially when there might not even be a physical office for them to be in.


How can a support team provide a great customer experience when the number of face-to-face interactions just decreased?


Solutions for All

The answer is video collaboration technology!


With the powerful collaboration tools available today, we’ve seen (and helped) organizations deploying video solutions to provide a more human-centric support model for their end users.


This can range from simply turning on your video when conducting a support call on a platform like Cisco Webex, Microsoft Teams or Zoom, to using video endpoints to replicate the feeling of walking up to a desk to get help from your “local” tech support representative!


Customer Experience Still Reigns Supreme

And as with the in-person model, Customer Experience is king- and these organizations have seen the proof in their glowing CSAT scores.


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