Accelerating your Digital Transformation
Journey in a Hybrid Workplace

June 7th 2022 | 11AM PST | 1 Hour

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Is your company overwhelmed with creating a high-quality workplace in the digital space? The thought of all the technology you can implement and how to implement it can leave you stuck and missing out on the advantages of what a digital transformation journey can do for your hybrid workplace. What is needed for a successful digital transformation journey and how can it accelerate your hybrid workplace experience?

In this webinar, our presenters – Robert Saxe and Felix Odigie, will help you understand how to identify the needs of your company’s digital transformation journey, fill in the digital gaps, and boost your hybrid work environment. They will go through what technologies to adopt and exactly how accelerating your digital transformation journey can help make your hybrid workplace experience better through an integrated collaborative digital environment.

Robert Saxe is the founder and managing director of nVision Consulting Group whose 30-year career has focused on empowering digital transformation for his clients. Robert has delivered consulting engagements in over 50 countries, resulting in billions of dollars in value realized for nVision’s clients across the globe.

Felix Odigie is the owner and non-executive chairman of Meet Me In The Cloud, Inc. He views business and digital transformation through a unique entrepreneurial lens. This unique perspective allows Felix to conceptualize, execute, and implement innovative new visions and strategic direction for Meet Me In The Cloud and its global customers. 

Learning objectives:

  • Identifying what digital transformation is and how it impacts you
  • How digital transformation impacts the workforce and customer experience
  • What accelerated adoption means for you
  • Opportunities and challenges in the hybrid workplace