“Do more with less” is a common mantra in government today. Demands on agencies grow both externally from citizens who expect instant answers as well as managers who have to juggle a growing array of directives. New technology sometimes sits underutilized simply because employees do not know how to use it. The right training program empowers employees, so they take full advantage of solutions, like Cisco’s Webex for Government – the single cloud-based FedRAMP authorized solution

Collaboration has taken new forms as technology advances. In the past, agencies relied on face-to-face interactions to exchange information with citizens, co-workers, and partners. The pandemic boosted the use of virtual communication systems, like Webex for Government. In fact, the worldwide Unified Communications & Collaboration (UC&C) market grew 26.7% year over year and 6.6% quarter over quarter to reach $12.2 billion in the third quarter of 2020, according to International Data Corporation. Here are some reasons why your agency needs to push for full adoption with Webex for Government.

Close the Skills Gap

Agencies struggle to keep up with seemingly non-stop technology advancements.  83% of organizations have a skills gap, according to the Association for Talent Development’s (ATD) Public Policy Advisory Group.

Closing the gap requires expertise that agencies do not have.  They are experienced in the services they deliver but not adoption and training of new technology. To fill the void, they need a firm that specializes in these services rather than a vendor offering training simply as a side service.

Organizations specializing in adoption services know that it takes more than just training – it includes understanding an organization’s mission and how to build collaboration that maximizes productivity.   They know that expert training involves more than just walking users through a manual. They take the time to understand your department, culture, and people. They develop processes that identify your needs and craft a unique training plan. They tailor their approach to your workflow and rely on proven best practices to close the gap between the current state and desired level of usage. Speed is important in the current rapidly evolving environment, and they will have your employees working more productively in a few months.

Debunk the Training Myth

One myth is training is needed only when a new solution is deployed. Such work does help employees get off to a good start, but training improves performance no matter what stage of a deployment you are in. In most cases, individuals work with only a subset of the solution and are not aware of other features that improve their efficiency. Training closes that chasm.  With the new Webex for Government solution, existing agencies using Webex have new tools accessible to them.  A plan to adopt and optimize the solutions brings increased satisfaction with end-users and reduces calls to IT for support. 

The right adoption program ensures that agencies maximize their technology investments and meet department objectives.

Take Advantage of our New FedRAMP Program Offering

Meet with our team so that we can understand the business opportunities and challenges your organization is currently faced with.  We ask questions, we listen, and we focus on the culture of your organization.  We realize that your employees are vastly different in the way they approach the adoption of the technologies they leverage every day.

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