Business Communication Is Changing

Business Communication Is Changing

Business Communication is changing…we are in a world where phone calls and conference calls are becoming a thing of the past. Technology has been doing a very good job shrinking the world we live in. The question is…”is your company on board for the future of communication or are they sticking to their ‘it’s not broken, so don’t fix it’ mentality?”

Since The World Started Shrinking

Since the world started shrinking, thanks to technology, communication needs have become global. Your coworkers and clients are not necessarily in your backyard anymore unless your backyard is the rest of the world. And face to face doesn’t mean the same thing as it did ‘in the good ole days.’ So, what are the new ways of communication and why do you need to get on board with them?


Teams Are Changing

Teams are changing. It is not uncommon to have a five-person team made up of 5 different states or countries. Teams need to be able to work in a seamless, up-to-date, personable, and agile manner. Have you ever tried collaborating with someone you’ve never met, seen or talked to ‘face to face’? We tend to push ulterior motives or personalities onto people (that we don’t see ‘face to face’) which leads to divided cooperation which leads to decreased performance which leads to…well, you know the rest. There is no healthy company out there that would willingly admit to wanting those effects of faceless collaboration.


Our Sphere Of Influence Is Growing

Just as the world is shrinking, our sphere of influence is growing. We utilize email, social media, websites, Youtube, etc. where meeting in person is no longer required. While we no longer need to meet in person to make a business deal or sign a contract, your voice coming out of the weird triangle on the conference room table is not enough either.

People want more than that! We need to see you, connect with you, read your facial expressions. Now I can see you and your team right from my computer, phone or tablet with virtual collaboration.


So, what can virtual collaboration help you with?

  • Connecting with a business to make a deal…without having to get on an airplane – we can do that.
  • Collaborate between different floors without having to leave your office – we can do that.
  • Awkward silence on a conference call because no one knows who was going to talk next – we can solve that.
  • Collaborate across states or countries – we can do that.
  • Provide technical support to your customers anywhere – we can do that.
  • Informing the executive team or frontline sales wherever they are – we can do that.

This is the next step in technology innovation saving time and therefore money! Who wouldn’t be interested?!

Whether you are ready to get on board or you’re ‘sticking to your guns’, we are here to ensure you realize the full value of collaboration technology. Every business has different needs for collaboration…have you defined what yours are?

No matter, Meet Me In The Cloud can help with all of them.


Interested in learning more about adopting the needed collaboration technology for your company?

Join our webinar September 25th at 12pm CT/10am PT.

“The Customer Journey to Adopting Webex” Webinar

Presenters: Danny Servantez, Adoption Acceleration Lead & John Sayer, Collaboration Lead

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Webinar: Are you looking to maximize your ROI? We can help with a Technology Adoption Plan.

Webinar: Are you looking to maximize your ROI? We can help with a Technology Adoption Plan.

Webinar Details
Date: Tuesday, July 30
Time: 10 AM PT / 1 PM ET
Presenter: Dave Aiken, VP of Sales and Business Development

What you will learn
Companies are constantly evaluating and acquiring new technologies based on the promise of how a tool or program will revolutionize their business. What often happens is that a tool or product is only casually adopted and becomes shelf-ware and is not renewed, creating a failure for the vendor, sales partner, and the end customer sponsor. Please join us for a discussion of how a comprehensive adoption acceleration and training strategy can help ensure project success, help you or your customer realize ROI, and lead to renewals and future business.

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Webinar On Demand: Take the Stress out of your next Online Event with MMITC’s 3 Steps to Success

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