Meet Me In The Cloud at Cisco Partner Summit

Meet Me In The Cloud at Cisco Partner Summit

Cisco Partner Summit

Cisco is committed to making a positive impact on our environment and surrounding communities. One of the ways that Cisco does this is through its Global events, in this instance, Cisco Partner Summit. One of the most valuable aspects of Cisco Partner Summit is the opportunity to learn, explore and connect with Cisco’s executives and industry thought-leaders and other Cisco Partners.

MMITC’s Vision & Purpose at Partner Summit

While there are many opportunities for Cisco Partners at the Summit, the greatest part is the knowledge gained on the latest of Cisco’s strategy and solutions that empower our, Meet Me In The Cloud’s, main focus…you, the customer!

Everything we do here at MMITC aligns with the Partner Summit, being that we are the Leader in collaboration adoption technology. We have a proven 6 step methodology that allows us to get your company fully adopted in less than 60 days.

We are driven in all our decision-making by one thing…is this best for our customer? From start to finish, our focus is on you! We are excited to attend Cisco Partner Summit so that we can strengthen our mission statement: to make the adoption of collaboration technologies as easy and painless as possible [for our customers].

MMITC’s Agenda & Goals at Partner Summit

We will be attending several different sessions and are excited to unleash our clients’ potential with Cisco products through ROI and a stress-free meeting experience. Some of the sessions we are excited to learn from include:

  • Aligning to Our Customers – Here we will hear the vision, new releases, and how Cisco will be supporting the partner community for 2020…here we come!
  • Decoding the Future – Have you ever wondered where the future is headed for consumers?
    We have and we want to be there, leading the way and helping our consumers understand and incorporate those major technology shifts that are coming and changing how they do business.
  • Unleash Your Potential – Most people only change their habits, routines, and life in reaction to a crisis. How can we create transformational change in the absence of crisis, unleash our true potential and achieve peak performance together?
  • Own Your Edge – “Hello Future”! Along with welcoming the future with excitement and anticipation, we will strengthen what we already know gives us that unique edge to deliver exceptional customer outcomes for you!
  • Together We Win with CX Lifecycle – Lifecycle is our largest joint opportunity to deliver transformational value for our shared customers. We will see the vision and foundational commitments that were created to make this successful.

Utilizing Partner Summit for Your Future

We are a fun company to work with that Guarantees Flex Adoption by 60% within all our engagements. We achieve this by tailoring our sessions around our clients’ company environments and work-styles with our multiple ways of training, IE virtual or boots on ground.

Felix Odigie and Jeff Gallagher will be on-site to have one-on-one meetings if you have questions on how MMITC can help you realize a ROI with collaboration technology adoption. Contact us to set up a time to meet! We’d love to partner with you to get you and your company fully adopted as quickly and painlessly as possible!

Be sure to check out our LinkedIn and Twitter to follow Felix and Jeff on their amazing Summit Journey!

Is Your Company 508 Compliant?

Is Your Company 508 Compliant?

Why does my company need to be 508 compliant?

Did you know that on average there are 13.2 million people in this world who have a disability?

Section 508 of the U.S. Workforce Rehabilitation Act is meant to protect these individuals, and it mandates that websites and information technology be accessible to those with disabilities. This means developing a website that can be used by people with limited vision, deafness, seizure disorders, and other disabilities.

All companies would be wise to comply with the amendment, simply because it is the right thing to do! Those who choose to ignore the accessibility needs of their clients and co-workers are risking isolating these individuals, and limiting their own productivity and results in a way that is simply unjustifiable in today’s day and age.

One of the greatest things about the world we live in today, is the fact that technology allows us to communicate with team members and clients around the world. This means we should be mindful of disabled individuals, and put protocols in place to comply with Section 508.\


Cisco Webex Is 508 Compliant

Fortunately, Cisco Webex Meetings comes with features that allow you to be 508 compliant during your live meetings.

Features for the Hearing Impaired

By using the Multimedia Viewer with a real-time closed captioning product, you can have have the Presenter’s words show as text. To access this, go to the top Menu and select Share > Multimedia. Then just enter the URL provided by your closed captioning provider and click ok.

Or, for another option, you can use the Share Video feature to allow a sign-language professional to translate during the meeting.

Cisco Webex Meetings also allows you to enable closed captions. For those using Windows, you can do this by going to the Meeting Menu, choosing Options, and checking Enable Closed captioning. For Mac users, go to the Webex Meetings menu, select Preferences, select tools, and check Enable Closed Captioning.

To designate a participant to transcribe during the meeting, select the participants name on the participants panel, and select Change Role To > Closed Captionist.


Create Transcript Recordings

Did you know that Cisco Webex Meetings also conveniently has a feature that allows you to create a transcript for your recording? With select versions WBS33 and WBS39, you have the option to automatically create these transcripts. Site administrators also have the option to turn this on for either everyone, specific individuals, and the option to let them turn it on and off themselves.

To enable transcript recording, sign in to your Webex Site Administration and click Common Site Settings > Options. Then, go to Site Options and check the box that fits your needs.
When enabling this option for specific users, you can go to the User Management tab and click Edit User. From here, you can find the name of the person you are looking for and click on their name. Click on Privileges, and in the General section you can click Create recording transcripts for all of this user’s MP4 recordings.


There are many features within Cisco Webex that allows your company to follow the law and stay 508 compliant. Technology is changing how we communicate and work with all people. Your goal is not to isolate but be mindful and aware of your employee and/or client’s needs.

What is Customer Success Managed Services (CSMS)?

What is Customer Success Managed Services (CSMS)?

What is Customer Success Managed Services (CSMS)?

At Meet Me In The Cloud, our main goal is making the adoption of collaboration technologies as painless for you as possible. Companies often decide to buy new collaboration technology because our technological world is evolving quickly, but they usually lack the tools and knowledge to put it into place. That’s where we come in!

There are so many challenges associated with technology, people, and processes that stand in the way of getting your company from where it’s at, to where you want it to be. Our business model allows organizations to compete, grow, and achieve their business outcomes – all with the least amount of downtime and disruption. Let our attention to detail and efforts make your projects a success!


Starting Out or In the Middle?

Whether you just implemented your new collaboration technology or simply at any given point in the customer lifecycle, we want to be your partners and allies along the way. Our team of resourceful and passionate professionals make sure that everything goes as planned, with a focus on preparing and equipping your team members to adopt the change. We want to help you optimize and manage your technological environment for a more successful integration.

Our team is ready to help you expand into new markets, and our collaboration efforts are the key to this change. By partnering with MMITC, you stand to gain a competitive advantage over your competition. When you bundle your services with ours, you can accelerate your business opportunities.


White-Gloved Service

In today’s digital world, superior customer experiences are a must. When you are a company that delivers this experience, it becomes a differentiator for you, and could translate into long term growth for your business. Our methodology combines technology with engagement to build value through the life-cycle of your customers.

At MMITC, we offer a 2-tier package system to achieve all of these bonuses, which includes the silver and gold packages. Both options help with the necessary areas to make the transition as seamless as possible. But there are some key differences between the two.

The differences between which package is best for you is determined by where your company is at – which is different for every company. In the silver package, your collaborations happen on a quarterly basis as well as the two trainings scheduled. On the other hand, the gold package allows for a monthly collaboration review as well as a virtual training. In addition to that, the gold package also provides onsite training and advisory sessions.

Both of these packages from MMITC, will get your company where it needs to go. You determine which road to take!

If you would like to learn more about our process, then contact the us at


Register for Our Next Webinar

Be sure to register for our next webinar:
Adoption is a Continuous Process – Webinar, 10/30 at 12 PM CT / 10 AM PT Presenter: John Sayer, Collaboration Lead

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Adoption is the Real ROI for Technology

Adoption is the Real ROI for Technology

Improve Productivity by Saving Time & Money

In today’s digital world, businesses and organizations are moving towards innovative technologies that save time, money, and improve overall productivity. But one factor that companies may not think to consider is how the benefits of new technology will be affected by the rate of adoption by employees and how long the adoption process takes.

The adoption process of technology within a company can be a lengthy undertaking. It takes time to learn a new system, and to integrate it within a company’s practices. Once deciding to move forward, companies are put under pressure to assimilate the new technology quickly and efficiently among the whole team.

How Do I Get an Attainable ROI?

If there are obstacles in the process of getting employees to adopt the new technology, then the business results could be negatively affected. In reality, there is no attainable ROI with technology investments for organizations. It is at a 67% adoption rate by employees where the start of the transformation happens for companies. This is the point that results and benefits can be tracked and quantified. But the question is, how can companies get to this point as quickly and efficiently as possible?

Retain Skilled Employees

Not only is rapid employee adoption of technology good for the business, but it is also good for employees and customers as well. To create a strong customer service experience, organizations need to entice skilled employees, and retain them. By minimizing the impact on employees through the transition process, as well as reinforcing them with the tools to do their jobs in the most efficient way, companies will be able to do just that.

Demonstrate Improvements

There are a few tried and true methods in driving adoption among your employees. One of the main concerns may be the fact that they have been doing things the same way for a long time, and changing tried and true processes is never easy, especially if they don’t trust the new way of doing things. Demonstrating just how this new technology is going to help the workflow and make it more efficient is key to driving adoption among the workforce.

Track Metrics & Analytics

It is also important to track the metrics and analytics once the new technology is in place. Businesses have goals for productivity in mind when they implement a new process, and they should track the analytics for those goals once everything is in place. This will show how much things have improved since implementation.

Successful Adoption without Pressure or Complications

As mentioned earlier, implementing these new technologies among the whole team is no easy feat, and complications can arise along the way if there is no process to follow. Now what would you say if there was a way to take away all of the pressure and complications that come with integrating a new system?

The great news is that everyone here at MMITC is experienced in helping companies with collaboration adoption service. We are well known for accelerating the adoption process through our proven 6 step methodology, in 60 days or less. What does this mean for your business? Attainable and measurable results for your business in less time.

Benefits of Professional Adoption Services

Benefits of Professional Adoption Services

Have you heard about the benefits of professional adoption services with MMITC?

Meet Me In The Cloud’s 6 Steps to Accelerate Collaboration Technology Adoption is a strategic process that was designed to increase company communication, decision making, and productivity. This step by step process is user-friendly and easy to learn. Make sure to check out the 6 steps here.

MMITC is the only Cisco Channel Partner. We are certified Webex Meetings and Webex Lifecycle Advisors. The founder and most of the team are former Webex employees. So, we definitely know the in’s and out’s of these products. We geek out on Webex.

The Benefits

Our proven 6 step methodology covers all aspects of the deployment of the software.

Our focus is on the best practices around users. Having a communication plan, project plan and having flexible end-user training comes from years of experience working with thousands of Cisco Webex Meetings and Webex Teams customers.

We start with a strategic and professional project plan. We outline the milestones and steps associated with a successful Webex implementation process. Each phase is strategically placed and positioned with video and third-party integrations.

We provide flexible training options. Our services include custom, instructor-led, live, online training classes as well as three extensive libraries of custom video training modules. While it is encouraged to use Webex for learning Webex, we also deliver courses onsite at any location around the world.

More About What We Do

If you would like to learn more about what we do, make sure you register for our upcoming webinar. Register here.

This webinar is specifically designed to give you more information about being a Meet Me In The Cloud customer. Implementing new technology is apt to come with questions. What should I expect?…How long is this going to take?…and Where do I get started? are just some of the questions that are probably going through your minds.

The best people to answer those questions will be leading the webinar, Danny Servantez, our Acceleration Adoption Expert, and John Sayer, our Collaboration Lead. Both of these gentlemen are the ones you want when it comes to gathering information…they are the expert and lead for a reason.

So, what exactly will we be going over in the webinar?

Check out our 6 Steps to Accelerate Collaboration Technology Adoption blog to see the heart of our Customer Journey.

If you aren’t sure that collaboration technology is for you and your company, I’d invite you to check out how Communication is Changing.

Jump on this 30-minute webinar to see if Meet Me In The Cloud is the right fit for you, ask questions, and start your journey to implementing collaboration technology with us. You can always contact us sooner if you’re ready to get started now!

The Customer Journey to Adopting Webex – Webinar  Click HERE to Register

9/25 at 12 PM CT / 10 AM PT

Presenters: Danny Servantez, Adoption Acceleration Lead, and John Sayer, Collaboration Lead

See you soon!
John Sayer

6 Steps to Accelerate Collaboration Technology Adoption

6 Steps to Accelerate Collaboration Technology Adoption

Organizations are under pressure to achieve timely, measurable results by improving communication, decision-making and productivity. It’s important to have knowledgeable guidance through the planning, implementation and adoption process of any technology.


What if there was a partner with a plan, a step-by-step process that could take off the pressure, deliver you measurable results as well as accelerate the implementation and adoption process of Webex?

Sound too good to be true? Not at all!


Adoption Acceleration Services from Meet Me In The Cloud (MMITC) are delivered through a proven methodology that drives adoption with measurable results. Our methodology includes a communications plan to drive awareness and aid change management, multi-modal training aimed to meet the varying ways people learn, as well as white glove service and consultation through the duration of the project. And all of this typically within 60 days.


So, what exactly does this 6-step process entail?


Step 1: Strategy Meeting

Everyone in management understands how important this first step is to the success of any adoption or implementation process. During this “kickoff meeting” we will do several things including a review of the on-boarding timeline, establish a weekly team meeting cadence, review what the project plan is, and determine who will have what roles and responsibilities throughout this process.

As a team, we will create SMART business goals and outcomes desired from your adoption of Webex including the Site Administration/Control Hub configuration and training. As many of you know, SMART goals must have a time frame and it is our goal and desire…our motivation…to get you fully and successfully functional in 60 days.


Step 2: Assessment & Preparation

During this step, we will take the time to double check and audit the Webex Site against our recommended set-up best practices, and suggest any needed changes. This is also the time that we will provide hands-on training to Webex service administrators. We will guide your admins on security, advise on costs & benefits of various configurations, as well as strategies for new user account structure for the best end user experience.


Step 3: Communications Review

At this point, we’ll have provided guidance on the actual communications end users will receive, and we’ll then confirm content and timing. We also help the focus of management and end users through customized training, posters, and materials. It is extremely important for the entire team to be aware and excited.


Step 4: End User Training

Just as the beginning is critical to the success of this implementation, so is this step. Your user groups need to know what they are doing prior to getting their hands on their new software. For this, we provide training in multiple formats to ensure we are learner-centric from on-demand video training, to virtual live training, and even on-site workshops!


Step 5: Metrics & Reporting

Now it’s time for the best (possibly nerdiest) part…Data Reports! At this point, we compare the SMART goals created in Step 1 to determine if we’ve met those goals or not. Our collaboration experts will review your users’ usage data and provide guidance and feedback on positive trends. If you have not met those goals yet, we will re-evaluate the best methods and strategy to achieve your desired outcomes and help you put that in place.


Step 6: Graduation to Cisco

Congratulations! You Did It! You have implemented, adopted, and are beginning to successfully utilize Webex as your new collaboration platform. It took less than 60 days to get to this point and if you read everything above, that is cause for celebration…that was work that will help you transform your business communications.


Why Meet Me In The Cloud?

We are a Cisco partner, a Cisco Lifecycle Advisor and a Cisco Business Learning Partner. The organization is staffed largely by former Cisco & channel partner employees with years of experience helping companies apply Webex capabilities to business & collaboration objectives. We have the knowledge, experience, and motivation to help you succeed and start attaining your own business’ goals with all that the Webex platform has to offer. We are here to help you increase your knowledge and utilize Webex to its fullest potential. Let us help get you where you want to be…together!


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