Handling Post-COVID Collaboration Tool Issues

Handling Post-COVID Collaboration Tool Issues

You think your collaboration environment is set, but is it? With new collaboration tools and remote work protocols, increasing utilization and identifying hidden issues that prevent full efficiency is your next challenge. Meet Me In The Cloud can help.

The Struggle of Moving Forward Post-COVID

2020 is a year no business could plan for. At the start of the year, you likely had evaluated meetings and team collaboration tools for use in your business operations. Then the pandemic hit in March and your organization rushed to get the necessary tools and functionality out to all your users so they could work from home in a matter of days.

That was 6 months ago. You’ve resolved the connectivity and bandwidth issues, the VPN overload problems, and you’ve (sort of) figured out the “who is watching/teaching the kids” schedule. These“temporary” measures are here to stay for the foreseeable future.

In a study done by Slack, new and experienced remote workers were surveyed about the impact this new remote landscape has had on their work. 

Two big trends emerged: 

  1. Those who are new to remote work are struggling to regain their previous levels of productivity and communication.
  2. Collaboration tools can help alleviate these issues and additionally curb feelings of isolation, loneliness, and disconnection during this time

We’ve made it through the rush and things are settling into a new normal, but now it’s time to help your employees increase their utilization of collaboration software (Zoom, Webex, Microsoft Teams, etc.). How do you get them to start using all the bells and whistles that come with these new tools?

The Second Wave of User Frustration

We are still working remotely and will be in the foreseeable future.  Last spring, you rushed employees through basic tools if they were lucky. If they weren’t lucky, you handed them the tools, everyone set up their home offices and you and your staff buckled down and tried to muddle through these new communication channels on your own, without any guidance or support.

But now that the proverbial dust has settled a bit, the previously ignored issues are bubbling to the surface. Your staff members start telling you they are tired of online meetings all day. They still have issues with sound, using (or not using) headsets, adjusting the webcam to just the right angle, finding a quiet place to work, knowing how to share various content files (videos, slides, and whiteboards).  They muddle along but you know and they know: there must be a better way.

There is only so much Googling and Q&A searching you can do when it comes to working out the kinks of your and your employees’ individual pitfalls within these collaboration platforms. And flooding the IT department with small requests or spending hours in video conferences trying to troubleshoot each problem is a waste of time and valuable resources.

How About An Easy Fix?

Have you thought there may be an organization dedicated to helping people collaborate online effectively? Or a team that will address each individual user and their specific issues or skill gaps?

Consider a free, informal consultative discussion with Meet Me In The Cloud, a company dedicated to finding and removing these obstacles to increased tool utilization and improved employee efficiency and ultimately employee satisfaction.  It might even reduce your support calls to the help desk!

Meet Me In The Cloud is a global leader in adoption services and scalable solutions that help organizations compete, grow, and succeed with collaboration tools. Questions? Contact us today.

Being a Customer Experience Specialized Partner

Being a Customer Experience Specialized Partner

Did you know Meet Me In The Cloud is a Customer Experience Specialized Partner?

It’s true! But you are probably asking…What exactly does that even mean? Well, let me explain!


It’s all about the Customer Experience

Cisco selects a special group of partner companies to train, certify, and authorize to ensure its customers realize the full value of Cisco technologies through the Customer Experience.

That means Meet Me In the Cloud’s focus is on customer success. We do this by having the right people, tools, processes, and infrastructure to support our customers through the lifecycle of your adopted technology.

“By 2020, customer experience will overtake price and product as the key brand differentiator.”
Customers 2020: A Progress Report, Walker Information

Our #1 priority is ensuring customer’s adoption success. This is what motivates us to guarantee adoption for all our customers and we do this by being a Customer Experience Specialist.


Do You Want a Return on Your Technology Investment?

We WANT you to have an ROI on your technology investment and we want you to have it within the same quarter! To help with this, we offer services to support the 3 main aspects of the customer experience: purchase, expansion, and renewal. Check out some of the benefits of utilizing our services here.

Utilizing a Customer Experience Specialized Partner, such as us, allows that ROI to become a reality rather than a hypothetical expectation. Because we are driven by your technology adoption success, we value your experience with us.

We don’t want you to be just a customer. We work hard to make you a loyal client that has the luxury of being able to trust in us and our ability to get you fully and successfully adopted within the first 60 days.


Together, We Partner Better

Find out more about how we support you through those 3 different areas of your customer experience by attending our upcoming Webinar on Wednesday, November 20th. Our sales team has all the answers you are seeking.

Jump on this 30-minute webinar to see if Meet Me In The Cloud is the right fit for you, ask questions, and start your journey to implementing collaboration technology with us. You can always contact us sooner if you’re ready to get started now!


Customer Experience Specialized Partner: Partnering Better Together – Webinar
Click Here to REGISTER

11/20 @ 12 PM CT/ 10 AM PT

Presenters: Dave Aiken – VP of Sales & Business Development; Jeff Gallagher – Director of Sales


Jeff and I look forward to seeing you for a “round-table” Q&A that is all about what we can do for you and how we can help you realize that once hypothetical expectation of an ROI for technology adoption.

See you there!
Dave Aiken

Meet Me In The Cloud at Cisco Partner Summit

Meet Me In The Cloud at Cisco Partner Summit

Cisco Partner Summit

Cisco is committed to making a positive impact on our environment and surrounding communities. One of the ways that Cisco does this is through its Global events, in this instance, Cisco Partner Summit. One of the most valuable aspects of Cisco Partner Summit is the opportunity to learn, explore and connect with Cisco’s executives and industry thought-leaders and other Cisco Partners.

MMITC’s Vision & Purpose at Partner Summit

While there are many opportunities for Cisco Partners at the Summit, the greatest part is the knowledge gained on the latest of Cisco’s strategy and solutions that empower our, Meet Me In The Cloud’s, main focus…you, the customer!

Everything we do here at MMITC aligns with the Partner Summit, being that we are the Leader in collaboration adoption technology. We have a proven 6 step methodology that allows us to get your company fully adopted in less than 60 days.

We are driven in all our decision-making by one thing…is this best for our customer? From start to finish, our focus is on you! We are excited to attend Cisco Partner Summit so that we can strengthen our mission statement: to make the adoption of collaboration technologies as easy and painless as possible [for our customers].

MMITC’s Agenda & Goals at Partner Summit

We will be attending several different sessions and are excited to unleash our clients’ potential with Cisco products through ROI and a stress-free meeting experience. Some of the sessions we are excited to learn from include:

  • Aligning to Our Customers – Here we will hear the vision, new releases, and how Cisco will be supporting the partner community for 2020…here we come!
  • Decoding the Future – Have you ever wondered where the future is headed for consumers?
    We have and we want to be there, leading the way and helping our consumers understand and incorporate those major technology shifts that are coming and changing how they do business.
  • Unleash Your Potential – Most people only change their habits, routines, and life in reaction to a crisis. How can we create transformational change in the absence of crisis, unleash our true potential and achieve peak performance together?
  • Own Your Edge – “Hello Future”! Along with welcoming the future with excitement and anticipation, we will strengthen what we already know gives us that unique edge to deliver exceptional customer outcomes for you!
  • Together We Win with CX Lifecycle – Lifecycle is our largest joint opportunity to deliver transformational value for our shared customers. We will see the vision and foundational commitments that were created to make this successful.

Utilizing Partner Summit for Your Future

We are a fun company to work with that Guarantees Flex Adoption by 60% within all our engagements. We achieve this by tailoring our sessions around our clients’ company environments and work-styles with our multiple ways of training, IE virtual or boots on ground.

Felix Odigie and Jeff Gallagher will be on-site to have one-on-one meetings if you have questions on how MMITC can help you realize a ROI with collaboration technology adoption. Contact us to set up a time to meet! We’d love to partner with you to get you and your company fully adopted as quickly and painlessly as possible!

Be sure to check out our LinkedIn and Twitter to follow Felix and Jeff on their amazing Summit Journey!

Techniques for Improving Communications with Multicultural Teams

Techniques for Improving Communications with Multicultural Teams

Techniques for Improving Communications with Multicultural Teams

Because Communication is Changing, chances are you work with people from other cultures.  This may be at work, school, or in your personal life, and can range from the casual interaction with an ethnic restaurant to working on a team comprised of people from many countries and cultures, some of them in the next room, and some of them on the other side of the world.  Given the diverse backgrounds of teams and the likelihood that teams will be even more diverse in the future, how can we take advantage of their benefits and overcome their shortcomings?


Teams composed of people with a variety of backgrounds are in theory good.  These backgrounds bring diverse experiences and opinions that are less apt to agree to groupthink decisions and look at solving problems from multiple angles.

There is a bias to look at any problem through the eyes of your own culture.  Most Americans never think much about how people live in other cultures and even what is happening in other countries.  American media is focused on how events and actions affect Americans, and much less on why these people do what they do in the first place.

Techniques for Improving Communications

Virtual Collaboration

Many multicultural teams exist when members are spread across the world, and team members only communicate virtually.  Some effective virtual team meeting techniques include the use of laptop webcams and meeting room video equipment, sharing information like documents and presentations, and using attendance information to get input from everyone.  Some multicultural teams have found it is useful to meet in person at or near the beginning of the project to establish a relationship for communications.

Visual Communication

Various studies have determined that from 50 to 70% of communication is visual.  Also, you can tell if someone is paying attention or multitasking.  Looking at others during a meeting can improve meeting efficiency and can reduce meeting times by 10-15%. Who doesn’t want shorter meetings?

Utilize Common Words

When communicating in multicultural teams it is important to avoid idioms and slang words that are hard to translate and whose meanings may be vague or change often.  Keeping your language to commonly used words can improve the comprehension of everyone.

Flexibility & Understanding

Other multicultural team issues have been observed as a result of globalization.  Rigid team management from Western Europe must be mollified to work effectively with team members in Southeast Asia, and foreign factory managers in Brazil have had to accommodate mid-day breaks and flexible meeting times.  Managers need to have an extra level of understanding working with multicultural teams.

Find Common Ground

Do not assume that people have different agendas just because they are from different cultures.  Try to find at least one thing you have in common with others on the team and build on it.  Trust will grow through common interests and goals.  This way everyone in the boat will start rowing in the same direction at the same time, the boat will go farther and faster, and you will be managing a very successful multicultural team!

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